The Pearson community share a love for cycling by posting tried and tested Strava rides for others to enjoy. Below is list of some of our favourites. They all link through to the Strava app for easy access, and we have added some basic ride details to help you choose what's right for you. For future automatic alerts don't forget to follow Pearson 1860 on Strava.

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  • Wellbeing: Natural Highs-Pearson1860

    Wellbeing: Natural Highs

    We know cycling is good for both body and mind, even if we’re not exactly sure why. It releases endorphins. That’s the best most of us can muster as we regale some poor soul with the time-splits for our latest sportive, or the benefits of hill reps. Heaven forbid we’ll be asked to explain what endorphins actually are.


    As we bid farewell to another year of the pandemic, Pearson looks back at some of the seismic events of the past 12 months. (And some not so much). The period between Christmas and New Year is a time to take stock. Few stories better captures this spirit of reflection than Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Regular Pearson followers will know we’ve always felt a bit of a bond...


    At this time last year, 6 Music DJ Nemone created an exclusive Pearson playlist to keep you cycling through the dark days of winter. And this month, she’s done it all over again. So, tune in, zone out (just not too much) and get riding.A qualified psychotherapist, Nemone’s latest BBC series, Journeys in Sound, investigates the links between music and our minds. Which makes...
  • Bling Bling - coming through

    Bling Bling - coming through

    Your guarantee of cycling quality for the better part of a hundred and sixty years, in 2022 the Pearson rose head badge is set to get a glamorous makeover. At Pearson, you might say we have a thing about heritage. It’s hard not to, when you’re the world’s oldest bike company and run by the fifth consecutive generation...
  • How to light your way this winter

    How to light your way this winter

    It’s that time of year again, when a cyclist’s fancy turns to lights. Each year when brands bring out their new lights there’s an arms race, with new models with greater illumination and longer run times promised. So what are your options to lighten your darkness this winter? Let’s start with front lights. There are tons of lights available and the classic split is...
  • Pearson chevron design


    The humble chevron features across the Pearson range. From bikes to apparel, this centuries-old design is sure to have you heading in the right direction. If you’re looking for the origins of the word ‘chevron’ you won’t get much help from Google. The top-ranking results can leave you feeling a bit like Jack Malik, lead character in the Richard Curtis film Yesterday. Waking one...


    The Cop26 summit held in Glasgow over the past fortnight has offered genuine hope for the future. Some say cycling wasn’t given its due at the event but to simply heap the blame on Bojo and co is to miss a key point. Picture by UK Green Building CouncilWith the Cop26 climate conference having drawn to a close, representatives of the attending nations are...
  • Shimano 12 speed

    What’s new with Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra 12-speed?

    We’re expecting a drop of Shimano’s latest 12-speed Ultegra groupset at Pearson soon and will be offering it as an option on our road bike range, which you can pre-order now. What’s new with 12-speed Ultegra and Dura-Ace? They’ve been a long time in the works, rumoured to be appearing for years now, with an equal number of rumours about what they’d offer that...
  • A guide to power measurement

    A guide to power measurement

    For many cyclists, a power meter is an essential piece of equipment to monitor and improve their performance. But even the least expensive power meters cost well over £200 with prices heading up over £1,000. What do you get for your money and what explains that price difference? The original cycling power meter was developed by German company SRM in 1986. It was quickly...
  • The weather’s changing - time to winterise your ride

    The weather’s changing - time to winterise your ride

    With the change in seasons, we’ve got months of cold, wet weather to look forward to. How should you prepare your bike for riding through winter? Winter can be tough on your bike. Roads turn damp, grit gets washed onto them, gritting lorries start scattering salt over the surface to stop ice forming and your bike will get the lot sprayed over it whenever...
  • Group Therapy - Mental Health Awareness Day

    Group Therapy - Mental Health Awareness Day

    Going riding with your nearest and dearest can be the equivalent of a ‘brain vaccine’. Ahead of World Mental Health Day, Pearson invites you to buddy up, saddle up and roll on out.
  • The perfect indoor training set-up

    The perfect indoor training set-up

    It’s that time of year again when the thought of a ride outdoors is that bit less tempting. The weather and diminishing hours of daylight may make it less of an option too. So maybe now’s the time to think about moving some of your training indoors. Here’s what you need for the perfect indoor training set-up. The days of indoor workouts being mindlessly...
  • Here Today, Here Tomorrow.

    Here Today, Here Tomorrow.

    Cost effective, exceptional performance, negligible carbon footprint. In creating our new Pearson Everyday collection, we’ve our put our money (not yours) where our mouth is.


    Inspired by the original ‘mockumentary’, Minegoestoeleven is the flagship of the Pearson Road cycling collection. A versatile, full-carbon road bike it is equally suited to both the everyday cyclist and the aspiring race rider.
  • How to change your pedals: everything you need to know

    How to change your pedals: everything you need to know

    Sooner or later you’re going to need to remove the pedals from your bike. Although it may seem like a really simple operation, we’ve got a few tricks to make sure it goes smoothly. There’s a tendency to think that pedals are fit and forget. Modern pedals will usually run for years with little or no maintenance, but you may find that you need...
  • Guide to bikepacking: what to ride and what to take

    Guide to bikepacking: what to ride and what to take

    Heading off for a few days on your bike is a great opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore new areas a bit further afield. A bikepacking trip lets you travel light and fast. We’ve just launched the ideal bike for bikepacking too. Preparation and planning are everything when it comes to a successful bikepacking trip - you don’t want to be...


    If you worry you’re an underachiever, Simon Hayes’ CV might not be a comfortable read. BMX prodigy, jujitsu black belt, Hollywood Oscar winner, thank goodness he only recently discovered road Growing up in East Sheen, a stone’s throw from Pearson HQ, Simon Hayes states that he wasn’t particularly academic, his teenage years occupied by hip-hop and sport. At the age of 11, he caught...


    Bikepacking is a beautifully simple concept. Take one of the ever-growing numbers of high-performance gravel bikes on the market and kit it out with everything you need. If you’re going for the day, that might be no more than a rain jacket and a credit card; if you’re going for longer, it could be a tent, camping stove and everything else you’ll need to create a rolling...
  • How to touch up chips and scratches in your bike's paint

    How to touch up chips and scratches in your bike's paint

    You’ve looked after it lovingly, spent money on upgrades and kept it well serviced. So you’ll want to fix chips and scratches in your bike’s paintwork. It’s a job you can do yourself with a bit of patience and the right materials. Here’s how. It’s more-or-less inevitable that your bike’s paint will pick up scratches as you use it. That may be from flying...
  • An Ode To Adventure Racing

    An Ode To Adventure Racing

    For city types, being ‘off grid’ means turning off the smartphone; for survivalists, it’s a tin-foil helmet; for dedicated Pearson customer, John Hull, it’s the Pan Celtic endurance adventure race.  Our Off Grid gravel bike has captivated many of those seeking the ultimate all-rounder, performance-driven machine. It’s versatility has allowed adventure goers the opportunity of experiencing the rugged off-road trails whilst still keeping up...
  • pearson best bike tyre

    How to choose the right tyres

    It’s surprising how much difference a good set of tyres can make to your ride experience. Some tyres just feel faster and more grippy than others and can give you a more comfortable ride, whatever pressure you choose to run them at.  So how to decide which tyres to fit? Here’s what to look out for. How wide? A key starter is how wide...
  • Should your next groupset be electronic?

    Should your next groupset be electronic?

    At the top end of the bicycle market, you’ll now almost always find bikes kitted out with electronic groupsets. Every pro team uses electronic shifting. Although the tech remains stubbornly expensive, that’s now showing signs of changing. So what are the advantages of electronic shifting?
  • What’s the big deal with gravel riding?

    What’s the big deal with gravel riding?

    Gravel bikes have really taken off in a big way in the last few years and there’s more and more choice of gravel equipment - not just bikes but wheels, tyres, clothing and luggage. All the big groupset makers now make gravel-specific groupsets too. So why are riders taking to gravel bikes?


    Pearson’s new Swift Half sweatshirt celebrates the extraordinary work of Frank Patterson, the prodigious pen-and-ink virtuoso and cycling’s very own great master. By Jack Buxton. Patterson's drawing of Surrey's famous pub and our inner sweatshirt tribute.  Since the first bicycles appeared in the late 18th century, artists have tried to capture both their liberating pleasures and cultural significance. Some have tended toward the idiosyncratic. Take Marcel...
  • How to wrap your bar tape perfectly

    How to wrap your bar tape perfectly

    If your bar tape has seen a bit too much abuse, or maybe you’ve invested in an upgrade to a flashy new set of handlebars - or you just plain fancy a colour change - it’s time to swap your bar tape. It’s not a difficult job, just a bit fiddly. Here’s how to get it right.
  • Kick Back (a Shorts History)

    Kick Back (a Shorts History)

    Whether you’re balancing work, life, or a tray in the beer garden, Pearson’s Kick Back Shorts offer style, performance and sustainability. Perfect for post-lockdown riding. 
  • How to set your cleats up perfectly

    How to set your cleats up perfectly

    For many cyclists bolting their cleats to their shoes is a bit of an ordeal. If you get it wrong it might result in discomfort and inefficient pedalling. Here’s our in-house bike fitter Nas’s advice on how to get it right.
  • How to keep your bike serviced at home

    How to keep your bike serviced at home

    There’s a lot you can do to keep your bike running at its best, before you need to head down to the bike shop. Here are our tips on some of the easier servicing jobs you can do at home. The basics of bike maintenance are pretty straightforward. Keeping your bike cleaned and lubed and the tyres pumped up will help prolong the life...


    A by-product of the global pandemic was a cycling boom. Yet it might also change the way we live, work (and ride) forever.


    Have you ever wanted to visit Kings Langley? The setting of William Shakespeare's Richard II, Act III, Scene IV. Home of Kings Langley FC. Birthplace of John Milbank - the Anglican theologian. Well, if you follow the Grand Union Canal from Brentford, then you are in for a treat!
  • How to choose the right size road bike

    How to choose the right size road bike

    So you’ve decided to splash out on a new bike - we hope it’s a Pearson - and have decided what spec you want and how much you want to spend. The next thing is, what size bike do you need? There are a few ways to zero in on your perfect road bike size and we’ll run through them. Choosing the correct bike...
  • Leith Hill - Brighton - Leith Hill.

    Leith Hill - Brighton - Leith Hill.

    A suitably epic gravel rid. Ride from the base of Leith Hill down to the coast and back through the South Downs & Surrey Hills. Taking in some of the best gravel in the South East, this is a classic summer off-road challenge.
  • The Pearson Guide to Shimano road and gravel bike groupsets

    The Pearson Guide to Shimano road and gravel bike groupsets

    Shimano offers a massive range of components for your bike, whether you’re riding road, MTB, gravel, cyclocross, track or an e-bike. Here’s our run-down of Shimano groupsets for road and gravel bikes from the pro-level Dura-Ace, found on bikes costing up to £10,000, to Tourney, fitted on bikes costing a couple of hundred pounds. We’ve also demystified the GRX gravel groupset options. What is...
  • Pearson guide to bib shorts and cycling shorts

    Bib Shorts: WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR

    If you’ve spent the winter riding in tights, you’ll be looking forward to the swap to shorts now that the weather has started to warm up. But what should you be looking out for in cycling shorts? And why bib shorts rather than waist shorts? Why buy bib shorts? Most male cyclists ride in bib shorts rather than waist shorts, as the bib gives...
  • Pearson's Rutland Classic

    Pearson's Rutland Classic

    A lovely 3-hour road ride from Cafe Ventoux, a well-known cycling Cafe in Leicestershire. From Ventoux, you head north on some typical Leicestershire lanes before taking in the climb of Burrough on the hill. 


    Our popular Hammerandtongs carbon road bike is marking its 10th birthday with some striking new aero updates. Pearson bike designer Scott Decker explains how we’ve improved on a classic.  
  • Strava vs Komoot: what's the best cycling app?

    Strava vs Komoot: what's the best cycling app?

    You know what they say: if your ride isn’t on Strava, it didn’t happen. But Komoot has carved itself out a nice niche that doesn’t overlap much with Strava and that gives cyclists a different experience. What does each app offer, what do they cost, and which should you choose?  Strava and Komoot give you different functionality to support your cycling: Strava is focussed...
  • How to fit tubeless tyres

    How to fit tubeless tyres

    Tubeless tech for road bikes has a reputation for being a faff. But road tubeless has matured to the point where it works well consistently and I now never ride with inner tubes if I have the option. Here’s why you need to convert to tubeless and how to set up and maintain tubeless tyres. Tubeless tyres: what are the advantages? We’ve covered this...
  • How to set your perfect saddle height

    How to set your perfect saddle height

    Getting your saddle height dialled is important. It doesn’t just affect your comfort on the bike but the biomechanics of pedalling, helping you to ride more efficiently and potentially faster too and may eliminate some cycling aches and pains. So how do you go about finding your optimum saddle height and what’s involved in altering it? Sports scientists who have studied the effect of...
  • Mind How You Go

    Mind How You Go

    Riding regularly is good for both body and brain. But there are times when it can give us even more, that Zen-like peace you can only find on two wheels. Few activities offer the sense of release that cycling can provide. Coasting downhill or cruising along the flat, rarely is the marriage between basic physics and simple technology so rewarding. Aside from the occasional...
  • How To Tame A Dragon

    How To Tame A Dragon

    Think cycling up Snowdon is tricky? Try doing it twice on the same day. In the first of a new series of epic rides, Pearson reports on a Welsh mountain classic, as well as some of the finest other off-road routes in the UK. By Mike Higgins All the gear and a great idea. Snowdon/Yr Wyddfa is irresistible. Though not quite as elevated as...
  • Why it’s a good idea to upgrade your wheels

    Why it’s a good idea to upgrade your wheels

    They’re a key part of your bike, affecting its performance and your riding enjoyment. But many bikes are sold with sub-par wheels. Here’s why your bike’s wheels may be its weakest link and why a smarter pair might be a smart investment too.
  • alix popham head for change pearson

    Head For Change

    A cycling mindset for pro rugby.   Even with upwards of 74,000 baying fans packed into a rugby stadium, the sound of two giants coming together in a full-blooded tackle is enough to make you wince. But in a silent, Covid-era ground, that crunch becomes almost unbearable. It’s as if you can feel the air being smashed out of a player’s lungs as he’s...
  • How to look after a waterproof cycling jacket

    How to look after a waterproof cycling jacket

    Sooner or later you’ll be riding in the rain and realise that you need a good waterproof cycling jacket to keep you dry. Once you are a proud owner, you will need to maintain its effectiveness and extend its useful life. 
  • The Roots of Gravel

    The Roots of Gravel

    The roots of gravel riding are said to be planted in the mud of cyclocross racing. We highlight the differences between gravel versus cross riding. Gravel bikes have been borne out of an amalgamation of a variety of riding disciplines, all forged together to form a machine able to handle hugely varied terrain. A lot of the influence comes from the humble ‘cross bike’, alongside a good dollop of...
  • Streets Ahead

    Streets Ahead

    The growing popularity of cycling can only be a good thing for our health, fitness and mental wellbeing. While many cities are making progress, a lot more needs to be done to make urban roads safer. By Ian Collier. To help more of us to get out and about on two wheels, Pearson asked a panel of experts for three suggestions of what they...
  • 5 tips to be brilliant on Zwift

    5 tips to be brilliant on Zwift

    With the indoor cycling world being dominated by Zwift, here are five pearls of wisdom from our resident ex-pro and indoor training expert Edmund Bradbury to help maximise your efforts in the pain cave. Make sure you're getting the most out of your turbo time.
  • Tyre Tracks-Pearson1860

    Tyre Tracks

    Nemone, the 6 Music DJ (and Pearson bike rider) offers an expertly curated playlist to kickstart your riding in 2021. Nemone is a woman of many talents. A qualified psychotherapist, she is best known as a high-profile, globetrotting DJ, and eponymous host of BBC Radio’s ‘The 6 Mix with Nemone’. A keen runner, in 2004 she made an (only just) unsuccessful bid to compete...
  • A Thank You From Pearson.-Pearson1860

    A Thank You From Pearson.

    Christmas offers the chance for reflection, a time to bid farewell to the old year and look ahead to the new. The 2020 edition can’t come soon enough and, if we haven’t quite made it through the pandemic yet, it feels like we’re getting there.
  • An Unfinished Journey-Pearson1860

    An Unfinished Journey

    In the second instalment of Pearson’s interview with Emily Chappell, the celebrated endurance cyclist and author reflects on how far she’s come personally – but how far the wider sport still has to go. 
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