Road Bikes

Discover our Road Bike collection, engineered for high performance and maximum comfort. Fast & versatile bikes designed for leisure or competition. Explore now

Road Bike - Pearson1860
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Single Speed Bikes

Hassle-free Single speed bikes. Steel frames for smooth and responsive city riding, or aluminium and carbon machines for lightweight speed commuting. Explore now

Single speed Bike - Pearson1860
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Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes that keep you rolling in all conditions. Longer wheelbases and racks for heavy loads as well as wider and thicker tyres for improved grip. Explore now

Gravel Bike - Pearson1860
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Commuter Bikes

Discover our rangle of Commuter Bikes, designed for the everyday ride. Reliable urban machines, for cycling in style through the city streets.

Commuter Bike - Pearson1860
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Bike Frames

Discover the Pearson1860 range of titanium and carbon bike frames. For your custom bike build or upgrade project, designed for the ultimate riding experience.

Bike Frames - Pearson1860
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