“When I was a lad, this was all fields.” We can’t be sure Tom Pearson ever said this, back in 1860, when he moved from Cobham, in rural Surrey, to the thriving town of Sutton. However, when Tom started his blacksmith’s business the town was almost certainly surrounded by farmland, despite its close proximity to London.


Tom’s love of the countryside was a lifelong affair and, as he grew older, he would wander the outskirts of the town, walking among the farms that reminded him of his childhood. One in particular, Rose Hill, struck a chord, its abundant wild varieties reminiscent of the rose meadows near his childhood home.


Back in Sutton, Tom’s metalwork became renowned for its quality. In need of a mark to establish the provenance of his handiwork, Tom’s search for a distinctive Pearson emblem was a short one. With the metal still hot, Tom would embellish his craftsmanship with the pattern of a rose. When Tom began working with early bicycles, the rose found a new home. And the Pearson Rose has been the hallmark of our products ever since.



Today we proudly Ride the Rose, a symbol of provenance and badge of honour.