Anyone who plans to ride a bike for a period of time should have their position assessed. Regardless of your experience or ability, all cyclists can improve their riding biomechanics by having a thorough analysis. A ‘Pearson Ultimate Bike Fitting’ will provide vital information when purchasing a new bike, but it can be equally as important in improving the setup of your existing bicycle.

Ultimate Bike fit

This bike fit can take up to three hours. It is a very personal and considered appraisal of an individual’s cycling goals, cycling physiology, technique, and alignment which takes place at our bike fitting studio at our Sheen store.

Your position should be the right one for every occasion. You will most likely use a different position for commuting than you will for a 100-mile sportive; just as your position for an Ironman triathlon will differ from that used in a sprint event.

bike fit process


This consists of a general consultation about your cycling goals and aspirations. A physical assessment looking at your flexibility and range of motion. A shoe and cleat set up based on your physical assessment.


You will undergo a ride analysis using a combination of video and ‘spin-scan’ analysis from our fitting jig chainset, we can build a picture of which muscles are utilised in different sectors of the pedal-stroke to improve efficiency and fitting adjustments.


This consists of applying the optimal bike fitting measurements to your new or existing bicycle.

*Please bring with you your full cycling kit and your bike in good working condition.

We offer both bike fitting and bike sizing services. Book an Ultimate Bike Fit to maximise your efficiency and comfort, enabling you to reach your cycling goals. A bike sizing appointment will look at your basic measurements to decide which bike is the ideal size for you.

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