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Jack Buxton: "I decided to ride to Brighton in the sunshine and since it was so nice, decided to ride back.

Starting from Pearson HQ I nipped through the park, and followed the first 30km of our Inside Out route but carried on along the Wey Navigation, eventually turning off just after Guildford and on to the Downs Link.

From there it is pretty straight forward down to Brighton, giving you a chance to get some headspace or catch up with pals. Stopping off at the Regency for fish and chips, before the long slog out of Brighton and back towards the big smoke.

Unfortunately, I can't remember much of the route back (other than the delightful corner shop in Turners Hill, which is full of carb-heavy goodness). My one take away from the route is to make sure you pump your tyres up to 'road pressures' to make it a little bit easier."

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