In the world of cycling, where performance and price often tug at each other, the new Shimano 105 groupset emerges as a harmonious blend of both. It's a testament to Shimano's dedication to bringing professional-grade technology within reach of the everyday cyclist.

105, often dubbed "the groupset for the people" has for a long time been a reliable companion for many riders. It's consistently held its own amidst a competitive offering from other brands and here's why. Upgrading to the new 12 speed Di2 version (R7170 to give its less catchy name) is a leap into a new era of cycling. The recent introduction of electronic shifting, coupled with a versatile 12-speed drive system, marks a significant evolution from its 11 speed mechanical predecessor. It's not just the increased gear options but the fluidity and responsiveness of each shift that transform every pedal stroke into a more efficient motion, making climbs less daunting and sprints more exhilarating.

The design of the R7170 shifters is a masterclass in ergonomic engineering. Mimicking the feel and functionality of Shimano's higher-tier offerings, these shifters provide a natural grip and ease of almost effortless shifting in full fingered gloves or bare hands. Both allow riders to further enjoy the ride rather than struggle with discomfort or the mechanics of a gear shift.


Hydraulic disc brakes are another feather in the cap of the R7170, providing controlled and steadfast stopping power in all conditions. This reliability, essential for the unpredictability of roads known and unknown, ensures that control is always at the rider's fingertips. The inclusion of some of Shimano's 'Shadow Technology', first introduced through their mountain bike groupsets, further enhances durability and sleeker looks.


The leap into wireless technology with the E-TUBE phone app opens up a world of customisation that was previously the reserve of professional racers. This digital integration allows for on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring that the bike's behaviour can be tuned to personal preferences or the day's specific demands, truly making the bike an extension of the rider. The ability to customise the shifting layout will not only give you endless time to play, but optimise your bike to unprecedented levels. 

While the allure of alternatives like the SRAM Rival eTap AXS cannot be denied, the Shimano 105 R7170 retains its appeal through its renowned durability and the precision of Shimano's electronic shifting. It's a choice that speaks to both the heart and the head, offering a balance of performance and affordability that's hard to overlook. This is why we offer this groupset on all of our road bikes, including our Shift offer bike, which you can find more details on here.


The Shimano 105 R7170 groupset is more than just a collection of parts; it's a gateway to a new level of cycling experience for those who's budgets haven't previously stretched to electronic shifting and its introduction adapts high-performance features, making them accessible to a broader audience. For those in pursuit of cycling excellence without the price tag, the R7170 offers a compelling argument to make the upgrade.

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