Nemone X Pearson Tyre Tracks Volume 4

It’s that time of year when we excitedly stream the latest compilation of Nemone x Pearson Tyre Tracks. Put together by our favourite BBC 6 Music DJ, this is Vol 4 of essential holiday grooves to listen to indoors or on the move.

We've mixed in a few of our favourite images from the year too, please share the playlist with your friends and dance your way into the new year. 

Young Fathers - Rice 
Reviewed this on my last Roundtable appearance of the year in December as one of the tracks of the year. They produced my gig of 2023 as well. Sublime sounds, it felt like a spiritual experience seeing them perform live at The Roundhouse back in March.
Overmono - Good Lies 
Title track of their album which came out this summer. The Welsh brothers backstory feels so vital in understanding their music - something very emotional and yet escapist seeps through. They grew up on different sides of Monmouth, 10 years spilt them in age, and they were divided between separated parents, yet joined by a shared musical upbringing - bolstered by the choral and mining band traditions of Wales and escaping to make rave tapes in nearby woods. 

Baxter Dury - Aylsebury Boy 
Guest from my Journeys In Sound series on BBC 6 Music earlier this year. His album ‘I Thought I Was Better Than You’ exudes a mesmerising combination of vulnerability and steeliness … we spoke a lot about his growing up and living with mum in Aylesbury and then his musician dad (Ian Dury) in Hammersmith in London. It was quite the upbringing. This album reflects his mémoire Chaise Longue - a cracking read as well.
Yasmin Lacey - Bad Company
Love how she introduces herself on Instagram as Singer. Songwriter. Deepdweller. Storyteller. Official Late Night Person: I really like the wonky background electronics on this. They make it for me. My ear is trying to work out the pattern where there isn’t one ;) I love her voice. It just envelopes you… I was introduced to her via Gilles Peterson’s Future Bubblers programme.
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Love For The Sake of Dub 
Out of Hamburg, this is one slick steel pan recalibration of Claudja Barry's 70s slink-tastic 'Love for the Sake of Love', later found smoothing out Montell Jordan's 'Get It On Tonite’. This wormed its way into my consciousness whilst listening to Huey’s show on BBC 6 Music one Saturday morning.
Midnight Magic - I Found Love (Sophie Lloyd Remix)
Delicious disco laden vibes out of NYC 
Around the outside
Jessica Winter - Clutter (feat. Lynks) 
Glitchy breaks and beats with nice turn from Lynks … GREAT hook up from earlier in the year. 
Jan Steiner - Meet Her At The Jazzkantine 
Producer. DJ. Anaesthesiologist/Intensive Care Consultant during day (and sometimes night) time. Jan Steiner is a musician and medical doctor living on the Atlantic coast of Ireland in the seaside village of Strandhill, Co Sligo. Combining a one of forests and folklore from since birth in Germany, he’s expanded his love of nature with the sea and mountains through his relocation. 
Alice Phoebe Lou - Lose My Head 
Lovely from the South African born Berlin native. 
Barry Can't Swim - Sunsleeper 
I flaming LOVE Barry Can’t Swim. It’s his second inclusion in this series - his Can We Still Be Friends? featured in Volume 3 last year and this time it’s the divine Sunsleeper.
lau.ra - Down With Me (feat. Dope Earth Alien) 
Phwoar this is another monster from one of my fave producers - waaaay ! And it’s 3 out of 4 for lau:ra featuring in this Pearson playlist series.
Lynks - Use It Or Lose It
Got groove this … DFA vibes …. 
Yumi and The Weather - Start as you mean to go on (original) - Rosie fevertotell 
Brighton-based artist Yumi And The Weather (AKA Ruby Taylor) produced this rather excellent single at the start of this year. Backed with a fabulous remix from Bella Union’s Helen Ganya. Love it and the remix collab - big fan of both. 
Hania Rani - Hello 
This is sublime. I also love Hania Rani. This is driving and redolent of why she wrote the track “‘Hello’ is a track about feeling a bit uneven and restless during the night. It is about this strange inner feeling that makes you stay awake and make plans, question things, overthink and not be able to sleep. But it's an interesting state. The whole nervous system is full on, everything seems a bit exaggerated and you lose control over your mind.” Repetitive words "hello" are a little reminder to yourself to stay sane and think clearly. It is reaching out for other people in the very strange, empty space where you landed. 
Erin K - Keep Her 
Absolutely gorgeous vocal alongside the lilting guitar melody, this is a beauty ;) 
I Jordan x Planningtorock - TNB Day Version 
What a collaboration between these two ace artists. I brought I Jordan alongside Sherelle to the Help Musicians Mental Health Summit at The Roundhouse in October this year to shine a light on both of their experiences as trans and gay artists in music industry to widen the conversation about how best to take care of artist’s and DJ’s wellbeing.
Danger Mouse and Jemini ‘Brooklyn Basqiat’ 
Danger Mouse & Jemini finally dropped the album 'Born Again’ this summer - the long awaited, famously indefinitely shelved, follow up to Danger Mouse’s first actual release on a label - 'Ghetto Pop Life’ - which Lex Records released way back in 2003. This was yonks before Gnarls Barkley and before The Grey Album. Totally worth the wait imho.
Philippa - Rainy Nights
A stone cold killer slab of Balearic house wonderment.
ato ∑tella - Girl Supreme
Lovely rhythms and vocals. Like Stella A LOT and great to be able to include some greekness I am biased obviously ! ;)
Blondish - Call My Name
Monster relentless rhythms from an artists growing in stature and going from strength to strength. 
Channel Tres - All My Friends (Radio Edit) 
Great groove as usual - I’m a big fan. 
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Africa Calling
The Ones Ahead is Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s first studio LP in almost 20 years and the first since the extraordinary career renaissance triggered by the rediscovery of his now-classic Keyboard Fantasies album. Back in May, Beverly Glenn-Copeland shared the album opener “Africa Calling”, this spirited, polyrhythmic song honouring his West African heritage. 
OneDa - Warrior's Daughter
Blistering broken beats out of Manchester - what’s not to like?! 
Yuksek & Juveniles - The Night ( FT. M.I.L.K) 
Absolute monster track from his festival catalogue. Beefy ;) 
Mary Timony - Dominoes 
This is lovely mellow and then rawks out in places. Nice energy for beginning of the year. 
Definition, Night Talk - Into The Void - Out at the beginning of January - I will add to the playlist then. Their words “Definition and Night Talk went back to the studio together and cooked up another storm.”

John Metcalfe - ‘Xylem’ 
Super sublimely chilled sounds. Stunning! 
Iceboy Violet - Prayer 
During the judging sessions for the Arts Foundation Electronic Music Award at the start of the year this artist's music and story, ambition struck a chord. 
Nina Nastasia + Marissa Paternoster - This Is Love 
Intense country ballad from these two brilliant artists.
Penguin Cafe - Second Variety
Gorgeous and sublime mellow electronica to drift off to …
Gazelle Twin - A Door Opens
This is another absolutely ‘stop in your tracks’ release from her. Gorgeous. Her stunning new album 'BLACK DOG' came out in October on Geoff Barrow’s excellent Invada Records.
Cerys Hafana – “The wife of Usher's Well” 
Intense folk driven ballad. Yes. It’s moving and musically intricate. I loved discovering it this year.
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