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Weare Street Pearson 1860 Rides
The ancient road of Weare Street near Ockley is a beautiful and tranquil highlight to this flowing ride through Surrey. So named for being a 'weird' street as opposed to having anything to do with a weir, despite there being a stream running down the length of it. The road was part of the busy thoroughfare between London and Chichester known as Stane Street (stone in Norse) that carried trade goods by horse and cart. 

Weare St. was somewhat of a bottleneck - dark, secluded and in places narrow, it was often the haunt of highwaymen (keep an eye on your Garmin!) and beggars hence the aptly named Smugglers Lane nearby. We approach from the south before joining the railway station road and subsequently heading towards Newdigate.


Weare Street Route Map

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