MinegoestoelevenCarbon Aero Bike
Now in its second iteration, the Minegoetoeleven has always stood at the pinnacle of the Pearson carbon range. The name may seem unusual until you follow the backstory, taken from the spoof mockumentary 'This is Spinal Tap', in which lead singer Nigel...
from £4,200
Sold Out
Cut To The ChaseCarbon Aero Bike
Cut To The Chase has been designed with a focus on aerodynamics and comfort. The high-modulus carbon-fibre frame uses slender tubes to reduce turbulence. Working in harmony with a full-carbon aero fork, airflow passes over the frameset uninterrupted, for stable...
from £4,500
Sold Out
Just Killing TimeTitanium Road Bike
For some, they might be bywords for indolence and inaction but Pearson’s version of wiling away the hours has an eye on beating the clock. Suitable for quick, short rides, as well as long days in the saddle, Just Killing...
from £4,500
Objects In MotionTitanium Road Bike
Direct disc mounts ensure the utmost braking power and 12mm through-axles minimise flex when the wheels are rolling. We can’t be sure Sir Isaac Newton was thinking of road bikes when, in 1687, he alighted upon his ‘first law’ –...
from £7,300

Why choose a road bike?

If you like the idea of maximising efficiency on a bike or just going fast, a road machine is what typically what you need! Road bikes are about performance, efficiently converting effort exerted through the pedals into unabated power output. To achieve this, road bikes are designed to be aerodynamic, not only by way of frame shape but also by the position they offer the rider. Frames are stiff and responsive so as not to lose energy through flex, and they run on tyres engineered for low rolling resistance on the tarmac.

Carbon or titanium?

Carbon-fibre is a wonder material for bike frames due to a very high stiffness-to-weight ratio and it can also be moulded into fluid, aerodynamic shapes. It’s comfortable too: the carbon layering can be manipulated so that it flexes in one direction but not another – vertically but not laterally – and it supplies excellent vibration damping. Carbon is the choice of the professional peloton as well as the performance-orientated amateur racer.

Titanium is often referred to as the ‘wonder metal’ and for good reason: it is supremely comfortable, very light and highly resistant to corrosion, meaning a titanium bike could easily outlive its owner. For long escapes where you want to savour every mile, titanium is perfect. Think of it as an investment in a beautiful bike that will supply a lifetime of happy riding.

How do I choose the right size?

Launch our Size Me Up tool, which you’ll find above the geometry for each Pearson model, and it will take you through three easy steps to determine your frame size. But that’s only the start. From there we personally ensure your bike is correctly sized and built to our Pearson House Design (PhD) criteria. Just get in touch through live chat, book a video appointment, email or if you already know what you would like, order away and we’ll soon be in contact to confirm.

Do Pearson bikes come in men’s and women’s sizes?

Our 10+ years of fitting data tells us that women don’t need ‘women’s specific’ frame geometry. Minor morphological or limb-length differences between men and women are inconsequential, it's size and flexibility that determine a rider's position on the bike. PhD geometry means our frames are designed to be ‘fit-friendly’, able to accommodate a range of sizes regardless of sex.

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