We want to encourage as many people as possible to take up cycling; whether that’s an upgrade for a seasoned rider, or a new bike for an enthusiastic convert. Fundamental to this philosophy is encouraging people to ride together, because we know that riding as part of a group is good for you. We know this anecdotally – seeing the benefits cycling brings our customers day in, day out – but also because the science backs it up; group riding is known to lower the body’s cortisol levels (and blood pressure with them) and release feelgood hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine. It may also reduce your risk of heart disease. Both body and mind, prepared for the miles ahead.

Pearson cycling for mental wellbeing

Cycling is about so much more than burning calories or obsessing about Strava segments. It’s about more, too, than slogging through a rainstorm, or into a headwind, or shedding a few pounds. The net effect of these feats is to calm the mind, to allow time for thoughts to wander. Even the commute can provide a release, fuelling the soul.

At Pearson, we’ve been observing riders for more than 160 years and we see these benefits wherever we look; in the friendships forged out on the road, or else the solo artists who ride to alleviate stress. So, zip up, saddle up and, chances are, things will brighten up too.