Evoc pro bike bag hire

Featuring Evoc Pro Bike Bags, offering the easiest, quickest and least amount of bike disassembly. Bars and pedals remain in place and protection is maximised using this unique lightweight bag. 

Weekly Rate: £120 (including pick up and drop off days from store).

Day rate: £20 (including pick up and drop off days from store).

Packing a bike with demonstration: £40 (in our Sheen store). 

Book now: performance@pearsoncycles.co.uk or call +442086422095

For cyclists embarking on journeys near and far, the need for safe and secure transportation of their beloved bikes becomes paramount. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a casual adventurer, these bags offer a seamless solution for hassle-free bike transportation. 

Imagine gearing up for an epic cycling adventure across scenic terrains or preparing for a competitive event in a different city or country. In these scenarios, transporting a bike is often a logistical challenge. That's precisely where our bike bag hire service steps in to save the day.

Advantages of Evoc Pro Bike Bags:

  1. Protection and Durability: Evoc bike bags are crafted with premium materials, offering top-notch protection for your bike during transit. The sturdy construction shields your bike from impacts, ensuring it arrives at its destination unscathed.

  2. Versatility: Perfect for bikes with integrated cables through the handlebars, these bags cater to most bike types and sizes, accommodating road bikes, mountain bikes, and even electric bikes. Their adjustable features make packing and securing the bike effortless. 

  3. Ease of Use: Evoc bags prioritise user convenience. With intuitive designs and strategically placed handles and wheels, manoeuvring the bag through airports, train stations, or streets becomes a breeze.

  4. Ample Storage: Beyond securing the bike, these bags provide additional compartments for accessories, tools, and gear. This feature maximises space efficiency and ensures you have everything you need for your cycling adventures.

  5. Travel Compatibility: Evoc Pro bike bags comply with airline baggage regulations, reducing potential hassles during check-in. They offer peace of mind, meeting size and weight requirements for smooth travel experiences.

Pearson Offer: By partnering with Evoc, we extend a valuable service to cyclists. Through our hire service, cyclists can access these cutting-edge bike bags without the commitment of purchasing. This initiative caters to occasional travellers, first-time users, or anyone seeking a temporary solution for transporting their bikes.

Evoc pro bike bag hire

The rental process is simple and efficient. Customers can book the Evoc bike bags by email, telephone or at our Sheen store, stipulating the appropriate time span required. Flexible rental periods accommodate varying trip durations, ensuring customers only pay for the time they need. The rental charge is £120 per week and pro rata for extra days. We can also demonstrate and pack bikes in store for an additional £40. Please include your collection and return day as the first and last day of rental. 

Weight: 11.7kg
Measures: 50 x 91 x 139 cm
Colour: Black
Volume: 300 litres
Evoc pro bike bag hire

In the realm of cycling adventures, the ability to transport bikes securely and conveniently is a game-changer. Our bike bag hire service empowers cyclists to explore new horizons without the logistical headache of transporting their bikes, and offering peace of mind and reliability throughout their journeys.

Embark on your next cycling expedition with our bike bag hire service, and unlock a new dimension of convenience and confidence in your travels.

Book now: performance@pearsoncycles.co.uk or call +442086422095