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A quick route to Brighton via Ditchling Beacon. Taking in the North and South Downs climbs, this ride is varied with rolling, lumpy and fast sections. Fish and chip rewards greatest effort - recommend the Regency Cafe on the front in Regency Square for the best in town, and a cycling obsessed owner, 5 *. Trains easily caught back to London with bikes on weekends if required!


Authored By Will Pearson
Will represents one half of the fifth generation of the Pearson dynasty. He boasts a riding career of almost 50 years, having beaten his siblings to staying upright on a two-wheeler at the age of two and a half. Coaxed out of bed on Sunday mornings to ride cyclo-cross most of his younger life, his interest in cycling is also focussed in road and gravel adventure riding. Chiefly responsible for Pearson bike geometry, design and specification.
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