River Lea Gravel


44.93 KM


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River Lea Gravel
The banks of the River Lea in East London are stoked in history. Paths that were once used by horses to pull supply barges in and out of London have now become an urban oasis for cyclists.

Since 2012 there has been a transformation in the quality of wildlife in and around the River Lea. Including some of London's most extensive wetland habitats and the welcome return of Peregrine Falcons back into the area.

This gravel ride is mostly flat allowing you to enjoy and take in the surroundings, although there is always the opportunity for a straight line sprint to see what your legs can do!
River Lea Gravel

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Think you’ve got the M and KM the wrong way around! 74KM ~ 45M

Geoff October 12, 2023

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