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We are proud to announce a new direction for Pearson, with the launch of a new concept called Pearson 1860. Here is a bit of background to what inspired us and what makes our new collections unique.

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Tom Pearson opened his shop in 1860. Back then it was a blacksmith’s forge but he later expanded, from fabricating ironwork to mending early bicycles, such as the penny-farthing. Today, Pearson is the world's oldest bike business but you’re never too old to change. At the age of 159 (and counting), we’re proud to announce an exciting new direction: Pearson 1860.

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Since the beginning, Pearson has developed not just bikes but long-lasting relationships. In fact, we think of our customers as family, who not only benefit from our knowledge and expertise but also enjoy our company. In every sense. Pearson 1860 extends exceptional design, performance and the service you expect from Pearson Cycles into an exciting new range of products.

Pearson 1860, named in honour of our founding year, consists of three collections; Road, Adventure and Urban. All feature dedicated clothing, bikes and accessories, and each was created for a different kind of riding. Pearson 1860 reflects our heritage but also draws on things that continue to influence us. It embraces innovation but also takes a responsible attitude towards manufacture, to minimise the impact on both the climate and future generations. (We like our bikes fast, not our fashion.)

Pearson Thermal cycling Jacket

Since the beginning, we've taken cycling seriously. But we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We think cycling should be fun, a balm for body and mind. So, although we build our bikes with precision, we also give them quirky names, those that celebrate our national characters, from legends to lightweights. Whether they’re inspired by Sir Isaac Newton or end-of-the-pier comedians, we feel Pearson products should carry personality.

The new Pearson 1860 range boasts typically eclectic references. Take the new Road collection, for example. Designed for insulation, versatility and style, it features classic tailoring, standout colours and the Pearson Rose, Tom’s original hallmark of quality stamped upon the ironwork he manufactured in the forge.

Close up of thermal insulated jacket - Pearson 1860

Highlights include the Road Insulated Jacket, dubbed 'Test your Mettle'. Designed as a lightweight outer layer for cooler months, the jacket will certainly help you test your mettle on the road. We’ve drawn inspiration, not for the first time, from William Shakespeare. An early adopter of the word, his characters have their mettle fettled, variously, in Macbeth and Julius Caesar. At Pearson, we’re early adopters, too. That’s why the Road Insulated Jacket features cutting-edge fabrics, including a supremely lightweight and robust technical outer for windproofing and breathability.

Collection of new  Pearson 1860 insulated road cycling kit

The new Road Insulated Gilet, meanwhile, is all about versatility. Smart and packable, we could tell you our muse was an unlikely source, but then we don’t really have 'likely' sources. 'Feel the Benefits', the gilet's stage name, is a line from art-school rockers 10cc, musical chameleons who enjoyed both commercial and artistic acclaim. The gilet uses the same fabric as the jacket and is pretty versatile too; simply add arm warmers when things turn chilly. And, like the jacket, it's ethical, with 70% of the outer made from recycled polyester.

If there were a sustainability prize for the new Road collection, however, it would go to our new bibs and tights. Engineered to prove that high performance and responsible sourcing needn't be mutually exclusive, they offer exceptional comfort and functionality, and all using fully recycled materials.

Pearson 1860 Stiffen the Sinews bib shorts

We’ve christened our new Bib Shorts 'Stiffen the Sinews'. Manufactured to last for years, they're built around a uniquely adapted pad, created exclusively for Pearson. The pad is based on more than a decade’s worth of data from 'Pearson House Design' (PHD), our in-house bike-fitting system. That rousing line from Shakespeare (him again) was an obvious choice for a product to help you hang in there, even in the coldest conditions. The new Bib Tights, meanwhile, are based around the same ‘PHD’ pad but provide extended coverage for the legs. We’ve looked not to art but to science in this case and the seminal work of Charles Darwin. The tights are affectionately known as 'Survival of the Fittest' because, frankly, his theory about adapting to changing conditions in order to survive was a gimme.

We look forward to introducing the full range over the coming weeks and months; we’re particularly excited about the on bike, off bike Urban Merino jersey, and just as pleased with the other merino accessories, which blend the finest ethical wool with a dash of synthetic fibres to prolong product life.

And let's not forget where it all started. Our Road collection bikes offer durable, lightweight performance for comfort and speed.

Pearson 1860 road bikes

Pearson's PHD geometry ensures a sustainable position without compromising power, while trademark features include carefully selected tubing and Pearson Rose detailing, echoing our emblem's appearance across the Road collection. We invite you to discover a whole cycling experience with Pearson 1860.

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