Footwear As Part Of Proper Cycle Fit

Cycling shoes are considered one of the most crucial contact points between the rider and their machine. As a result, have become a tremendously scrutinised topic in recent years. Although footwear is a vital component of proper cycle fit, too often can improper selection serve as a hindrance to rider comfort and performance. Despite their being a seemingly endless amount of choice and professional opinion when it comes cycling shoes, it doesn’t have to be a complicated issue. In fact, we think the process of finding a correctly fitting shoe can be reasonably straightforward.

Our fitters have rectified the problem of oversized footwear all too often. Indeed, there can be a tendency by some fitters to oversize the footwear of a rider when an athlete experiences discomfort due to the lateral tightness from their regular shoe size. This incorrect fit is a commonly overlooked cue for a wide fit shoe, rather than a larger one. Oversized footwear can result in massively decreased platform stability and result in a far less efficient pedal stroke. In a case such as this, it is essential to consider a manufacturer which produces a shoe offering with both standard and wide fitting options. This way the rider can benefit from the comfort of a wider fit but retain maximum stability and efficiency.

Lake has remained a hallmark of quality within the industry for their consistent delivery of a quality and varied product offering. With a combination of a stiff sole and a durable leather upper, their collection of cycling specific footwear are an excellent choice for any rider at any level. In collaboration with Lake, we have produced our range aiming to provide a comfortable shoe for everyday athletes, offering both standard and wide fit options across all sizes. This fit combined with a stiff carbon sole produces maximum power transfer and reduces any inefficiencies to nought.

A well-fitting pair of quality, cycling specific footwear can transform your riding whether you are relatively new to the sport or a seasoned veteran. Ensuring a pleasant, yet secure fit of your footwear is of paramount importance to our fitters and us. Ensure you get the most out of your shoes.

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