An adventure into isolation

Adventure riding can offer splendid isolation, so it’s likely to be popular this winter. But thanks to the new Pearson Adventure Insulated Jacket, you’ll never feel cold and lonely.

By Louise Waugh.


Now the days are turning chilly, you might notice fellow cyclists assuming a certain bulk in their choice of clothing. Allow us, then, to offer some style advice. These days, suggesting that a rider is wearing a ‘puffer’ jacket indicates you’re old. Remarking that somebody is sporting a ‘body warmer’, on the other hand, says you’re positively ancient. Not so long ago, cycling in insulated clothing meant a ride of two parts. The first was the warm, cosy minutes after you donned a ski jacket and congratulated yourself on a moment of shrewd sartorial improvisation; the second was the two intensely moist hours as that inappropriately appropriated piece of kit made you sweat like a turkey at Christmas. 

Luckily, winter cycling clothing has moved on and the upcoming Pearson autumn/winter range for 2020 incorporates some of the latest design innovations to keep you pedalling through the seasons. Our 160 years of experience have taught us a thing or two. We know that you don’t need endless cupboardfuls of kit – far better to have a small, tightly focused selection that delivers precisely the performance you need.

So, while our bikes and clothing are designed to be versatile, they also offer exceptional comfort and performance when used in the conditions for which they were created. Take the Adventure Insulated Jacket, an early arrival from the new range. The result of considerable testing, we think it’s a piece of kit that, once you put it on, you won’t want to take it off, even when you stop riding. We’ve christened the jacket ‘Field Day’, a phrase that owes its origins to military history. ‘Having a field day’ meant going out on manoeuvres – it also captures perfectly the riding you’ll enjoy when wrapped up in this winter wonder.


The prototype jackets were tested by some pretty demanding bikepackers. Not only did the jackets breathe superbly when the cyclists were riding, they also kept them so warm off the bike that they slept out under the stars in them. That’s thanks to the 100% recycled insulation, which favours a high-performance synthetic over traditional ‘down’. Unlike its forebears, it’s highly breathable. Designed to wear with just a single base layer for warmth in temperatures as low as 0C, other key advances include filling that retains structure after washing, and a low-temperature wash with no tumble drying at that. The filling is sewn into the jacket in sections, so won’t bunch annoyingly in corners even after extensive wear.


The main fabric (70% recycled polyester) is soft against the skin and features a durable, water-repellent (DWR) treatment to keep showers at bay. A Cordura® chest panel provides extra windproofing and there’s plenty of storage, courtesy of two ‘poacher pockets’ on the side, one zipped – allowing you to ride with a backpack – and two main pockets lined with ‘handwarmer’ fabric. A drawstring hood is snug enough to fit beneath a helmet without compromising your peripheral vision.

With the light closing in, reflective piping at key points will keep you safe and seen by motorists, while Pearson Rose details will mark you out as a discerning cyclist among fellow riders. As the world’s oldest cycling brand, we might have a reputation for reliability but that’s because we’ve always been prepared to embrace change. (Now, where did I put that woolly balaclava?)

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Nice jacket, discount code maybe ?

Rob Holloway October 05, 2020

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