With rumours of another lockdown circulating, at Pearson we have the perfect cycling kit to keep you in shape on the home front.

Don’t panic (buy), Mr Mainwaring.

By Emma Winterson.

At the request of the Prime Minister – what could possibly go wrong – we’re all being advised to work from home again. Unlike the March lockdown, a thoroughly alien experience that kicked off with a solitary hour around the exercise yard, this time we’re ready. Not only are restrictions to our personal freedoms likely to be more moderate but Pearson has just the kit you need to take it all in your pedal strokes.  

wahoo kickr bike pearson indoor training zwift

For the ultimate indoor convenience (although you might not be saying that 100k later), allow us to introduce the KICKR BIKE. Unlike a conventional trainer, this purpose-built rig does away with the hassle of mounting your regular bike on a trainer. The steel and aluminium frame combines a robust ride with the feel and responsiveness of a lightweight road bike, enabling you drive as hard (or not) as you like. With your route plotted, the bike will seamlessly adjust the gradient (up to 20% on climbs and -15% for descents) and, thanks to KICKR’s pin-sharp flywheel technology, replicates the sensation of road riding with sometimes alarming accuracy.

wahoo kickr bike side indoor turbo trainer

Set-up is straightforward too, courtesy of a dedicated app. Simply enter the details of your choice, be they Pearson bike-fit measurements or your own vital statistics – you can even just upload an image of your regular ride and let the app calculate the rest. The KICKR BIKE can also be customised with your own bars, pedals, and saddle, all of which enable you to put the hammer down without leaving the comfort of your own home. And if that wasn’t convenient enough, our Pearson specialists will also install the KICKR BIKE at any address within a five-mile radius of our Sheen store (£100 charge applies), a service that extends to any of the other indoor trainers in the KICKR range.

PEARSON BIG SMOKE merino urban cycling jersey

You will, of course, have to imagine cycling past the landmarks of the big city but once you’ve clocked up the miles, Pearson has the perfect kit to help you wind down. Now the days are, finally, turning chilly, the Merino Zip top offers stylish warmth for post-ride relaxation. Nicknamed the Big Smoke, in honour of our great capital, the top is designed for navigating the urban jungle but it’s just as at home lounging about indoors. The top is made from high-grade merino wool and Pearson’s commitment to sustainability means we source this only from producers who meet the highest ethical standards. Offering great insulation, the top is highly breathable and wicks moisture superbly, confirming merino’s natural performance properties.

big smoke pearson urban merino cycling jersey

A product designed for a long life, the elbows are reinforced with Cordura® elbow pads. And whatever form Lockdown 2.0 might take, the top has plenty of clever design features for future sorties beyond the perimeter. The lightweight, windproof lining means that you might feel the breeze in your hair when riding but your chest and abdomen will remain cosy. A concealed rear pocket can be zipped closed for storing valuables or a phone, while Pearson design elements include a central chest band, embroidered Pearson logo and a Pearson Rose on the rear pocket.


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