To ‘go the distance’, a term derived from the gruelling world of boxing, when two contenders would complete the scheduled length of a fight, without being stopped or either being knocked out. Boxing has ancient roots. Early depictions of ‘sparring’ have been found on Minoan frescos in Crete, dating as far back as 1500BC, in which two figures are wearing padded gloves in what appears to be toe-to-toe combat.

Introduced to the 23rd Olympiad, in 688BC, the sport has changed down the centuries, its format morphing through such influences as John Graham Chambers, the Welsh sportsman who devised the more recent Marquess of Queensbury's rules. That was in 1867, shortly after Pearson was established. Boxing has come further still, and while today it is a multimillion-pound industry, one thing remains constant – going the distance remains a remarkable test of endurance.



The earliest documentation of a ‘glass jaw’.

The concept of distance (going, as well as keeping it) has never felt so relevant. Facing our own global bout, we fortunately have the saving grace of daily exercise, even if it does come with conditions. To burn a few calories, or to find some headspace, we are required to operate within certain boundaries. How far we would like to ride must be balanced by abiding with official restrictions. 



Go the distance. Routes for daily exercise or for the unlock .


At Pearson, we have compiled some of our classic rides, either for you to download and ride now, or simply plan for the future. Some are favourites we have ridden time and again and make perfect solo outings. Others are better as group rides. And while not all are possible at the moment, remember that where we can’t ride today is somewhere we can dream of riding tomorrow. So, hold tight and stick in there. You’re also very welcome to join our Pearson 1860 Strava group and go the distance that way.


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