Introducing Pearsons New Insulated Road Bib Shorts

It’s a strange suggestion, to make firm something designed to be flexible. Stiffen the sinews, the fibres that connect your muscles to your bones. Any cyclist will tell you that warm and well-stretched is a far better state. At Pearson we’re not averse to a bit of artistic license.




We’ve always interpreted Henry V’s rousing speech to his compatriots not simply as a call to arms but also a demand we make of our legs – to keep riding, whether that’s to the end of the day or from late autumn to early spring. Pearson’s new cold-weather cycling bib shorts are designed to do both, to offer the same high levels of comfort and performance to road racers as to long-distance randonneurs. 




Like the other products in the new Pearson 1860 road cycling collection, they’ve been designed using sustainable materials for a minimal carbon footprint. Pearson’s long-term ambition is to create the most sustainable collection of road cycling clothing available. With that in mind, the Roubaix fabric in the main body of the bib shorts is fully recycled (78%recycled nylon; 22% recycled Lycra). It features a slick, matt outer to enhance aerodynamics on the bike, with a brushed finish to keep you cosy.


Pearson_Lycra_Bib_Shorts_Stiffen_The_Sinews_White_Logo_rose detail


The bib section of the shorts has been selected with the same emphasis on sustainability and is made from 100% recycled fabric (73% recycled Nylon 27% recycled Lycra). The main fabric of the cycling shorts is high-wicking, for excellent moisture transfer, and is also slightly heavier than standard Lycra to keep out icy winds. The bib section provides the breathability road cyclists require, even in cold weather.





Pearson’s Stiffen the Sinews bib shorts are constructed around a uniquely adapted pad, enabling extended hours of comfort in the saddle. Named after our in-house bike-fitting system, Pearson House Design (PhD), the PhD pad has been created using more than a decade’s worth of bike-fitting data, which in turn has helped us determine the optimum fit and position for thousands of road cyclists. And just as with every Pearson bike, we’ve constructed our new road cycling bib shorts to last for years, so they won’t need replacing as often. (Unlike Pearson bib shorts, which are fully recycled, regular old bibs end up in a landfill.) 


Pearson_stiffen_the_sinews_lycra_ bib_shorts_front_rear_view


A high-cut, thermal waist section keeps the abdomen area warm and is finished with smooth elastic to eliminate discomfort. For the serious rouleur, the cycling shorts are cut longer in the leg, to maintain crucial muscle warmth around the knee. The shorts also feature a lightweight gripper which has been designed to fit snugly and securely with our Cold Start merino cycling leg warmers.



The shorts also feature Merrow’s ACTIVESEAM® technology, the most comfortable seam finish available and which is also designed to give athletic apparel a longer life. In fact, Pearson’s new road cycling bib shorts are so responsibly designed they’re more likely to sustain your sinews than stiffen them.

For a limited time, we are selling this seasonal staple with a free pair of our Cold Start merino leg warmers.

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