As the nation crosses its fingers ahead of lockdown easing, the Pearson Adventure collection includes two pieces to get you on your bike and off the beaten track.

By Alistair Lawrence.

to pastures new gravel cycling pearson 1860

In this, Pearson’s 160th year, we’ve looked to the past to design cycling jerseys for a better future. Better because they will keep you riding at a time when public transport is proving challenging, and better because they have been sustainably manufactured to have a minimal carbon footprint.

Our founder, Tom Pearson, couldn’t possibly have known that bicycles those new-fangled machines that stopped by for repairs in the late 19 century, would prove so enduring. But we hope he would have taken a certain pride in the fact today’s Pearson bikes are proving their worth more than ever.

Like Tom, the latest generation of Pearsons can’t see into the future. (It’s hard to predict what might happen next week, let alone next year.) We’re confident, however, that our new adventure clothing will stay the course longer than less environmentally friendly rivals.

Pearson Long Sleeve Adventure Gravel T-Shirt

Newly discovered pasture.

Introducing To Pastures New, a dynamic duo of adventure tops. The saying has its origins in Britain’s agricultural past, the seasonal quest for fresh grazing. Digging through the Pearson archives, it’s clearly a phrase our ancestors would have been familiar with in rural Surrey. Today, we interpret it differently, as inspiration for those free spirits who enjoy cycling out to discover new places – with the glorious prospect of lockdown easing, you might simply want to reacquaint yourself with familiar cycling routes.

to pastures new short sleeve jersey

Adventure Short Sleeve Jersey.

Either way, new to the range, the Adventure Short Sleeve Jersey is ideal for gravel or adventure riding. It has a looser fit than conventional cycling jerseys, with a small amount of Lycra providing four-way stretch for improved movement. The robust main fabric is made from a sustainably sourced, recycled polyamide, yet retains a natural, all-cotton feel. The jersey is high-wicking, so won’t retain moisture, and is quick-drying. The sides of the cycling jersey feature poacher pockets, too, so you can carry a water bladder or backpack for more intrepid off-road riding.

to pastures new long sleeve jersey

Adventure Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

Joining the jersey on and/or off-road, is the second piece in the series. The Adventure Long Sleeve T-shirt is packed with cycling performance features, including an ion-based, anti-bacterial finish. Designed to reduce odour build-up, that means you can wear the t-shirt time and again without your (socially distanced) fellow riders suggesting you might need to change.

And when you do eventually wash it, the fabric is quick-drying, crease-resistant and ready to wear soon after it leaves the machine. No need to tumble dry or iron, so that means minimal fuel consumption, too. Functional details include a rear pocket and embroidered Pearson Rose, while a reflective front logo and rear tab ensure you’ll be clearly visible when those new pastures grow dark. 

Pearson Long Sleeve Adventure Gravel T-Shirt

Adventure Long Sleeve Jersey in Ochre.

The green credentials of both To Pastures New products extend beyond the weekly laundry. Their yarns will outlast those of conventional cotton many times over, so you won’t need to replace the tees as often. A winning combination, in the age of sustainability.

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