Here Today, Here Tomorrow.

Cost effective, exceptional performance, negligible carbon footprint. In creating our new Pearson Everyday collection, we’ve our put our money (not yours) where our mouth is.

everyday collection

To any self-respecting fashion editor, the term ‘everyday wear’ is rarely a compliment. The mainstream stuff, not necessarily cheap and quite possibly beige. To any self-respecting cyclist, the opposite is true. It’s the kit you reach for without thinking, the workhorses of your riding wardrobe.

Reliable, affordable and pressed into service at a moment’s notice; for the daily commute, a spontaneous training ride, or just popping to the shops. However much we pretend otherwise, most riders have what they think of as their ‘Sunday best’. The jersey signed by your favourite pro, for example, or the bib shorts you had to remortgage the house to buy.

That’s where Pearson’s new Everyday range of products comes in. A capsule collection designed to help you improve your riding experience, without damaging your bank balance or, more importantly, the environment.

At Pearson, we believe fashion should only be fast if you pedal hard enough. So, while our design ethos is based on exceptional performance and customer satisfaction, central to everything is sustainability. That’s why we’ve committed to making our entire clothing collection fully sustainable by 2022.

Fairweather friend

Now you might ask, if we’re so concerned about the environment, then why not just create fewer products? Fair point. Except we also believe that if we can convert more people to cycling and keep them out of their cars permanently, we’re in a stronger position to create meaningful change.

The new Everyday Collection captures that idea perfectly. Simply put, it features the right products, produced in limited quantities and made from materials that would otherwise go to waste. We’ve also ensured products last a long time and can be fed back into the supply chain once they’re finished with.

Take the new Everyday Road Jersey. Available for both women and men, it’s made entirely from recycled fabrics but offers the functionality to match more expensive rivals (including three rear pockets for stowing vital supplies, or a lightweight jacket).

Sustainability means different things to different people. There are brands, for instance, who’ll tell you they’ve tracked the carbon footprints of their products to the very last thread. Maybe. Cycling products are hard to quantify because, while resources are undoubtedly consumed in their production, they are largely offset by the countless carbon-neutral journeys made thereafter.

The new Everyday Bib Shorts are a good example. We’ve called them All Day Long, for rarely have we made a product that so perfectly does what it says on the tin. In addition to a long product life and recycled materials (polyamide and Elastane), they’re intended for riding day after day. That’s why the recycled material in the pad, from contour experts YBC, is manufactured for breathability and minimum friction. And why the legs are finished with deep-section, silicon gripper whose dot-print design ensures adhesion and comfort.

Quite what can be recycled is changing all the time. So, while most recycled materials seem obvious – Nylon and Lycra, for example – we’ve also developed products with more surprising components, such as coffee grinds and single-use plastic bottles.

everyday women's jersey

One of the less commented upon aspects of the clothing industry, is the footprint of products during their useful life. Specifically, the energy to maintain them between manufacture and disposal. (What Ray Winstone might refer to as their time ‘in-play’.) That’s why we use ion-based, odour-guard, antibacterial treatments in our t-shirts, so they need less washing. And why we select materials that don’t need tumble drying, as well as crease-resistant fabrics that reduce the need for ironing. A short, rare wash, and they’re ready to go.

The criteria behind the collection also extends to its packaging, with Everyday products supplied in recycled paper bags. Such as our new Everyday Race Jersey, which features a lighter weight fabric and offers exceptional moisture-wicking. Dubbed Bolt from the Blue, at its heart it’s as green as the rest of the collection.

bolt from the blue
Pearson is committed to reducing emissions. We kindly ask that, when ordering apparel online, customers try and avoid ordering multiple sizes, with a view to returning those they don’t require. If you would like sizing advice on our products, our friendly and expert staff are available to chat, seven days a week.




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