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Riding regularly is good for both body and brain. But there are times when it can give us even more, that Zen-like peace you can only find on two wheels.

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Few activities offer the sense of release that cycling can provide. Coasting downhill or cruising along the flat, rarely is the marriage between basic physics and simple technology so rewarding. Aside from the occasional tyre development, or advance in gearing, relatively little has changed about the bicycle since it first rolled into our lives at the end of the 19th century. It is part of what makes the bike so appealing, an intuitive machine that can be readily adapted to the rider’s need; for every downhill there’s an up, for every easy spin through the park there’s a punishing training ride.

There’s plenty of science, to back up what we know, anecdotally, to be true – that riding regularly delivers significant benefits to both physical health and mental wellbeing. The sense of euphoria that results from vigorous exercise isn’t unique to cycling, of course. The release of endorphins in the body, a natural opiate discovered by scientists in the 1970s, was originally described as a ‘runner’s high’. 

But cycling affords a different perspective on the world, what we at Pearson like to think of as a ‘flow state’, when your body moves in rhythm with the bike and you feel you could keep going all day. It’s a feeling we’re pretty sure every rider will experience at one time or another; in fact, we’re so sure that we’ve created a special jersey in its honour. The Flow State jersey is made from lightweight, merino wool (52%), so whether you’re going hard or going home, it will help get you there as comfortably as possible.

Pearson 1860 flow state merino lightweight cycling jersey

Merino is a fabric every bit as miraculous as the aforementioned molecules. It responds to your body temperature, so it’s highly breathable when temperatures start to get too cosy and highly efficient at removing moisture. Then, when conditions turn chilly, it will also keep you warm. Clever stuff? It’s also odour-resistant and antibacterial too. The merino in our jersey is blended with 48% high-quality polyester for durability, and this helps provide the form-fitting shape you need to ride at your best. Pearson’s commitment to sustainability ensures the polyester is recycled and the jersey is finished with elastic at the cuffs and waist to hold it in place.

Inside, the jersey features a corresponding illustration, from designer Richard Hall, whose work appears across the Pearson range, and is characterised by flowing lines, a nod to this flow state, to cycling’s easy movement. The illustration also bears a motivational pick-me-up, courtesy of Patti LaBelle’s Lady Marmalade, the original ‘flow sista’. Three rear pockets mean there’s plenty of room for supplies and the jersey is available in two additional colour options, each named after a similarly special time on the bike. 

Pearson 1860 flow state mind how you go jersey

Spend time riding through the countryside for example, and it’s hard not to be soothed by the quiet calm of your surroundings, a relaxing contrast to the clamour of city life.

Pearson 1860 at one with nature lightweight merino cycling jersey

That’s why we’ve called the second jersey ‘At One With Nature’. With a Green colourway, a distinctive Richard Hall illustration is, once again, stitched inside, and inspiring words on this occasion are supplied by John Muir. A famous outdoorsman, Muir understood as well as anyone what a balm for the soul the countryside can be. Born in Scotland, he emigrated to America, persuaded Theodore Roosevelt to establish the country’s first national parks and the rest, as they say, is natural history.

Pearson 1860 sunrise lightweight merino cycling jersey

The final colour option, Orange, we’ve named ‘Sunrise’, in recognition of those first-thing-in-the-morning rides, when the rest of the world is still stirring, and the roads seem yours alone. Featuring the third illustration in the series, it’s time to zip up, clip in and go find your mojo.

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Nice piece Will. Love the sunrise jersey.
Neil April 06, 2021

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