Introducing the new Pearson 1860 Adventure Collection

You might know that our founder Tom Pearson first opened his shop in 1860. You might know that from mending boneshakers and penny-farthings we expanded into other bikes. And today Pearson is the oldest bike business in the world. You might not know that at the ripe old age of 159 (and counting) Pearson Cycles is proud to announce an exciting new direction. It’s called Pearson 1860. It’s named in great-great-grandfather Tom’s honour.

Tom Pearson- Pearson 1860
Tom Pearson donning a cycling cap of the era.

Tom understood the importance of building long-lasting relationships. He understood the best way to remain in business, especially a fair-weather industry such as cycling, was to treat your customers like family.

Pearson 1860 is a new range of products that extends the exceptional design, performance and service you expect from Pearson’s bikes into clothing and accessories. Pearson 1860 comprises three collections; Road, Adventure and Urban. Each has dedicated products (and bikes) and each is tailored to a different kind of riding. And while the Pearson 1860 range reflects our heritage the collections also harness the latest innovations. This allows us to meet the challenges facing responsible manufacturers. So yes we use high-performance fabrics, but we’ve selected those that are either recycled or have a small carbon footprint. And as Tom Pearson did all those years ago, we’ve designed things to last so our customers gain years of happy riding, and we’ll have years of happy Pearson customers.

Adventure collection - Pearson 1860

The Pearson Adventure collection complements a weekend’s packing.

Pearson’s new Adventure collection makes the point perfectly. It’s aimed at those pioneering spirits who time and again like to wander off the map, who now look at their GPS and say not “Too far” but “Let’s go!”. Highlights include the new Adventure Long Sleeve Jersey inspired by the intrepid George Mallory. A pioneering mountaineer in the early 1920s Mallory took part in no fewer than three separate expeditions to Mount Everest. His dream was to be the first to summit the mountain, though it cost him his life.

Everest Summit

Our thanks to Dr Sundeep Dhillon who did summit Everest with his trusty Pearson Cycles flag.

Our Adventure products are influenced by a wide range of sources from high-minded icons to lower-hanging fruit. Some have more influence than others (William Shakespeare 5; Buzz Lightyear 1.) but the aim is always the same. To create products with personality. That perform superbly but feel distinctive. To be honest Mallory was one of the easier ones. The Adventure Long Sleeve Jersey bears one the most well-known bon mots in all adventure, Mallory’s response to the question of why climb Everest: “Because it’s There.”

Like our Adventure bikes, the jersey has been created for maximum versatility. It’s made from a woven, stretch fabric and features a rip-stop construction. Further reinforcement is provided by an additional layer of Cordura® for exceptional abrasion resistance. The brief, in fact, was to create a jersey so durable you could ride it if not up Everest, then through a hawthorn bush at least. We’re pleased to say we succeeded but don’t suggest you try. (Because it’s there doesn’t mean you should.) Lastly, the jersey uses high-wicking Coolmax® to ensure excellent moisture management.

Pearson Adventure jacket

Pearson Adventure jacket — ride it through a bush.


Joining the jersey, front and centre in the back of beyond is the new Adventure Long Sleeve T-shirt. Or to use its official name ‘To Pastures New’. Others in the cycling world may still go for cheap disposable nasties (Tour de France caravan, we’re talking to you) but Pearson t-shirts are made from yarns that outlast cotton many times over. And thanks to an ion-based antibacterial finish, you’ll experience less odour build-up, which means longer wear times and less washing. The t-shirt is also crease-resistant so it won’t need ironing. A winning combination we hope, for a more sustainable age. Details include a rear pocket and embroidered Pearson Rose, while extra visibility is provided by reflective tabs.

Pearson Summon the Blood Gravel bike

Pearson Summon the Blood Gravel bike

As for the rigs required to get off-road, our multi-use Adventure bikes are designed for heavy loads. Larger tyres improve grip and puncture-resistance, while longer wheelbases and through-axle mounts reduce flex. They also offer excellent traction and power transfer, with varying group-sets for a range of needs.

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