Introducing the 160 Year Old Cyclist

After over a century and a half in business, it still comes back to the same things — be kind and look after your customers. We’ve had one friend longer than any other, Fraser has been with us since the beginning, at the spritely young age of 160 there’s not much he hasn’t seen.

A brief resume of the life of one of the world’s greatest cyclists:

Name: Fraser ‘On The Rivet’ Fothergill

Born: Aberfeldy, Scotland.

Date of birth: 20.2.1859

Currently residing: Sutton, England.

Married: Betty Turner 1879, died 1933

Married: Carol Dindle 1936, absconded 1968

Partnered: Collette ‘Cod Face’ Peck 1973 to date.


Professional Debut: Pearson High wheelers 1878–1887

Pearson/Dunlop 1889–1896

Pearson/ChaterLea 1896–1914


Pearson/British Army 1918–1939


Pearson/Courage Best 1945–1951

Pearson/Ovaltine 1951–1959

Pearson/Old Mutual 1960–1971

Mills/Pearson — 1971–1985



Pearson — The Dandy Penny Farthing

Pearson — Big Rimmer Penny Farthing

Pearson — Safety First Safety Bike

Pearson — Endeavour Road Rally

Pearson — One on One Road Bike

Pearson — Hammertime #1 Road Bike

Pearson — A Cunning Plan Touring Bike

Pearson — Wet as an Otters Pocket Commuter

Pearson — I Will Survive Utility Bike

Pearson — Hammertime #7 Road Bike

Pearson — Off Grid Gravel Bike

Pearson — Minegoestoeleven Aero Road


Around the world ride 1888–330 DAYS

President of the fixed wheel association 1895–1917

To the Bar Gentleman’s Cycling Club — Founder 1920

Three Peak Unicycle Challenge — 1946

USA ‘Mission to the Moon’ cycle to Florida — 1969

Brighton and Back x 5 in 24 hours — 1972

Silver Jubilee Ride Windsor to Balmoral to Buckingham Palace — 1977

‘Miles to Mars’ award in recognition of miles spent on a bike — 1995

Golden Jubilee Ride Botswana to Buck House single-handed (one hand on the bar) — 2002

Brighton and Back blindfolded on ‘The Dandy’ for 150 year anniversary of Pearson — 2010

Fraser is fitter than ever and continues to ride most days. He recently turned down the presidency of ‘The Over the Hill’ club for the fourth time in the last decade, citing inappropriate selection for a person of such youth. He holds an ambassadorial role for

Authored By Will Pearson
Will represents one half of the fifth generation of the Pearson dynasty. He boasts a riding career of almost 50 years, having beaten his siblings to staying upright on a two-wheeler at the age of two and a half. Coaxed out of bed on Sunday mornings to ride cyclo-cross most of his younger life, his interest in cycling is also focussed in road and gravel adventure riding. Chiefly responsible for Pearson bike geometry, design and specification.
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