Built from the frame up, every Pearson bike is assembled with the utmost care. In fact, our experts enjoy building them so much it’s a wonder our bikes ever leave the workshop.

Pearson custom built road bike

As the world’s oldest bike company, Pearson is proud of the fact we don’t provide ‘bikes from a box’. Instead, we hand build each and every Pearson bike to fit the specific demands of each and every customer. Pearson want our bikes to be ridden as much as possible and that means giving you the best riding experience we can. That’s where our ‘clean-build’ shops come in.

Bikefitting pearson

The process starts with a bike fitting, working out the right size bike for you. Thanks to the thousands of fittings carried out at our in-house studio (not to mention Pearson House Design, our in-house fitting system), we’ll already have a pretty good idea of the frame size you might need.

Pearson bike frames carbon titanium

But one of the reasons we’ve been in business for 160 years is that we don’t take anything for granted. We offer customers the option to come to our London store for a fitting but realise this won’t suit everybody.

Pearson bike fit sizing tool

That means you can also use our ‘Size Me Up’ tool for a virtual fitting. We’ll also run through a checklist to create the build specifications for your bike, which will then be checked again but our expert fitters. That information, in turn, allows us to order your frame and select your parts, which are set aside in readiness for the build day.   


And that’s where the fun begins. With the specification agreed, we book your new bike into our clean-build shop. It’s where every Pearson bike begins life; built from the frame up and paying attention to every detail, no matter how small. Our team of expert mechanics love building bikes. It’s as simple as that. When your build day arrives, our team will assemble your bike using your preferred components and set them up according to your fit data. 

This will include the bar width and stem length, the stack height (the spacers that set handlebar height), as well as your recommended saddle height and position, both fore and aft.

Pearson custom built bikes handmade

As your bike starts to come together, we’ll add the cranks (anything from 165 to 175mm in length), along with your choice of groupset (mechanical or electronic) and your preferred wheels (choose from hand-built Pearson alloys, or various depths of Pearson carbon wheels).

Pearson custom build bike

Not a single detail is a given; every last component, down to tyre type, width and set-up (tubes or tubeless) is agreed in advance, based on your preferences and our advice. We’ll finish your bike with any special requirements you may have, right down to the colour of handlebar tape.

Pearson custom built bikes gear choice

Every order is unique and built for one customer only – that’s you. Once your build has been completed, we’ll get in touch to let you know the bike is ready. You can either come to the store and pick it up or we’ll ship it, ‘ride-ready’, to a convenient address.

Stephanie Davies custom built mingoestoeleven

And when we say ride-ready, we mean absolutely ready to ride. If, however, you would prefer to have an expert run you through how the bike works, we can also deliver it to your local bike shop (we’ll check in advance the shop meets the same high standards Pearson demands in our own workshop).

Pearson on and on custom built

We appreciate all this might seem a bit ‘belt and braces’ but that’s another reason we’ve been in business so long. In the unlikely event of any teething troubles, we also offer a six-week check-up on every bike we sell.

Simply drop by the Pearson store and a member of our expert team will check your bike over and, should you need it, recommend any necessary adjustments. That’s six weeks after you’ve taken delivery, or 42 days of potential riding. Why do we do this? Because we want you to be happy with your bike every time you ride it. (Even if that’s not as happy as our mechanics were building it.) 

Please contact us now to discuss your new bike.


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