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  • Should your next groupset be electronic?

    Should your next groupset be electronic?

    At the top end of the bicycle market, you’ll now almost always find bikes kitted out with electronic groupsets. Every pro team uses electronic shifting. Although the tech remains stubbornly expensive, that’s now showing signs of changing. So what are the advantages of electronic shifting?
  • What’s the big deal with gravel riding?

    What’s the big deal with gravel riding?

    Gravel bikes have really taken off in a big way in the last few years and there’s more and more choice of gravel equipment - not just bikes but wheels, tyres, clothing and luggage. All the big groupset makers now make gravel-specific groupsets too. So why are riders taking to gravel bikes?


    Pearson’s new Swift Half sweatshirt celebrates the extraordinary work of Frank Patterson, the prodigious pen-and-ink virtuoso and cycling’s very own great master. By Jack Buxton. Patterson's drawing of Surrey's famous pub and our inner sweatshirt tribute.  Since the first bicycles appeared in the late 18th century, artists have tried to capture both their liberating pleasures and cultural significance. Some have tended toward the idiosyncratic. Take Marcel...
  • Kick Back (a Shorts History)

    Kick Back (a Shorts History)

    Whether you’re balancing work, life, or a tray in the beer garden, Pearson’s Kick Back Shorts offer style, performance and sustainability. Perfect for post-lockdown riding. 


    A by-product of the global pandemic was a cycling boom. Yet it might also change the way we live, work (and ride) forever.


    Our popular Hammerandtongs carbon road bike is marking its 10th birthday with some striking new aero updates. Pearson bike designer Scott Decker explains how we’ve improved on a classic.  
  • Mind How You Go

    Mind How You Go

    Riding regularly is good for both body and brain. But there are times when it can give us even more, that Zen-like peace you can only find on two wheels. Few activities offer the sense of release that cycling can provide. Coasting downhill or cruising along the flat, rarely is the marriage between basic physics and simple technology so rewarding. Aside from the occasional...
  • How To Tame A Dragon

    How To Tame A Dragon

    Think cycling up Snowdon is tricky? Try doing it twice on the same day. In the first of a new series of epic rides, Pearson reports on a Welsh mountain classic, as well as some of the finest other off-road routes in the UK. By Mike Higgins All the gear and a great idea. Snowdon/Yr Wyddfa is irresistible. Though not quite as elevated as...
  • alix popham head for change pearson

    Head For Change

    A cycling mindset for pro rugby.   Even with upwards of 74,000 baying fans packed into a rugby stadium, the sound of two giants coming together in a full-blooded tackle is enough to make you wince. But in a silent, Covid-era ground, that crunch becomes almost unbearable. It’s as if you can feel the air being smashed out of a player’s lungs as he’s...
  • The Roots of Gravel

    The Roots of Gravel

    The roots of gravel riding are said to be planted in the mud of cyclocross racing. We highlight the differences between gravel versus cross riding. Gravel bikes have been borne out of an amalgamation of a variety of riding disciplines, all forged together to form a machine able to handle hugely varied terrain. A lot of the influence comes from the humble ‘cross bike’, alongside a good dollop of...
  • Streets Ahead

    Streets Ahead

    The growing popularity of cycling can only be a good thing for our health, fitness and mental wellbeing. While many cities are making progress, a lot more needs to be done to make urban roads safer. By Ian Collier. To help more of us to get out and about on two wheels, Pearson asked a panel of experts for three suggestions of what they...
  • Tyre Tracks-Pearson1860

    Tyre Tracks

    Nemone, the 6 Music DJ (and Pearson bike rider) offers an expertly curated playlist to kickstart your riding in 2021. Nemone is a woman of many talents. A qualified psychotherapist, she is best known as a high-profile, globetrotting DJ, and eponymous host of BBC Radio’s ‘The 6 Mix with Nemone’. A keen runner, in 2004 she made an (only just) unsuccessful bid to compete...
  • A Thank You From Pearson.-Pearson1860

    A Thank You From Pearson.

    Christmas offers the chance for reflection, a time to bid farewell to the old year and look ahead to the new. The 2020 edition can’t come soon enough and, if we haven’t quite made it through the pandemic yet, it feels like we’re getting there.
  • An Unfinished Journey-Pearson1860

    An Unfinished Journey

    In the second instalment of Pearson’s interview with Emily Chappell, the celebrated endurance cyclist and author reflects on how far she’s come personally – but how far the wider sport still has to go. 
  • Long-Distance Relationship-Pearson1860

    Long-Distance Relationship

    Endurance rider Emily Chappell discovered the mental-health benefits of cycling the hard way. Not only did it make her (insanely) fit, it also launched a successful writing career. By Ian Collier. We wouldn’t suggest for one minute that ultra-cycling is for everyone, but Emily Chappell’s story is one that can’t fail to inspire all of us to spend more time on two wheels. Her...
  • BRYTER LAYTER-Pearson1860


    Pearson’s first waterproof cycling jacket is inspired by an icon of Britain’s musical past but designed with future generations in mind. The musician Nick Drake enjoyed a prolific, if brief, musical career. His first album, Five Leaves Left, was released in 1969, his third and final, Pink Moon, in 1972. Sandwiched between them is the 1971 release Bryter Layter, an album as well known for its idiosyncratic...
  • SIMPLY Off The Charts-Pearson1860

    SIMPLY Off The Charts

    WHY GRAVEL?  To get off the road, de-stress, widen your horizons and develop new skills. This type of bike riding is more interesting and engaging than anything you've done before – and it’s also pretty safe for all ages. See the world around you and get closer to the natural environment. Demanding on the whole body, not just your legs but also keeping your balance...
  • Magic Circles-Pearson1860

    Magic Circles

    Pearson’s latest bike for city riding draws inspiration from an unlikely source – a celebrated adrenaline junkie who took his own cycling to the wire...
  • THE UPSIDE OF DOWN-Pearson1860


    Synthetic insulation is tough stuff. It’s also an environmental time-bomb. Thanks to the sustainable products in Pearson’s new autumn-winter range, warming your body needn’t mean cooking the planet...
  • World Mental Health Day – Look Out For The Beauty Around Us-Pearson1860

    World Mental Health Day – Look Out For The Beauty Around Us

    "Cyclists see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens. A good bicycle, well applied, will cure most ills this flesh is heir too."
  • An adventure into isolation-Pearson1860

    An adventure into isolation

    Adventure riding can offer splendid isolation, so it’s likely to be popular this winter. But thanks to the new Pearson Adventure Insulated Jacket, you’ll never feel cold and lonely.
  • HOME COMFORTS-Pearson1860


    With rumours of another lockdown circulating, at Pearson we have the perfect cycling kit to keep you in shape on the home front. Don’t panic (buy), Mr Mainwaring. By Emma Winterson. At the request of the Prime Minister – what could possibly go wrong – we’re all being advised to work from home again. Unlike the March lockdown, a thoroughly alien experience that kicked...
  • Gravel Curious?-Pearson1860

    Gravel Curious?

    With our high-performance bikes and dedicated rides, gravel riding with Pearson offers the chance to see things differently. If you’re new to off-roading, Pearson is the perfect place to start (and finish).  By Alistair Lawrence Solo, or with friends. Gravel riding is a great way to find some valuable headspace. If you’re a lifelong road rider, you might not see the point of gravel riding....
  • THE POWER OF THREE-Pearson1860


    At Pearson’s London bike-fitting studio, our rider-centred philosophy means your bike is the very last thing on our minds. (Sort of.) By Louise Waugh A common misconception about bike fitting is that it’s only for the pros. Strange, given the object of a bike fitting is to determine a cyclist’s optimum position, thus enabling them to ride as efficiently as possible. It’s something the...
  • Put The Hammer Down-Pearson1860

    Put The Hammer Down

    Forged with Pearson’s trademark quality, reliability and craft, the new Hammerandtongs offers some timely updates to a long-standing Pearson favourite.


    Cycling, I LOVE cycling, I mean what sane person wouldn’t? The freedom and happiness that a simple mode of transport delivers is, to me, priceless. As with most things in life though, there can be a consequence of cycling that goes beyond fatigue and a sore posterior...
  • THE NEW ABNORMAL-Pearson1860


    The decline in public transport use is unlikely to be terminal but something significant is happening in the way we navigate our towns and cities by bike.
  • The Great Escape-Pearson1860

    The Great Escape

    Pearson’s Adventure cycling collection has been designed for intrepid exploration. So, a journey that starts in south-west London might take you further than you ever imagined.
  • TO PASTURES NEW-Pearson1860


    As the nation crosses its fingers ahead of lockdown easing, the Pearson Adventure collection includes two pieces to get you on your bike and off the beaten track. By Alistair Lawrence. In this, Pearson’s 160th year, we’ve looked to the past to design cycling jerseys for a better future. Better because they will keep you riding at a time when public transport is proving...
  • HOOKED ON CLASSICS-Pearson1860


    In this, our 160th year, Pearson is releasing two ‘anniversary jerseys’, classic, high-performance road cycling jerseys that commemorate two equally classic rides. Classic cycling routes attain such status for a reason. For some riders, that first taste of a classic route is enough to make them fall in love. For others it’s repetition, the familiarity turning a route into an old friend. In 2020,...
  • Reasons to be cheerful. 10 Keys to happier living (PT2)-Pearson1860

    Reasons to be cheerful. 10 Keys to happier living (PT2)

    Life seems to be opening up following the depths of the coronavirus crisis. It is great to have more freedom to cycle with friends again and to share the joys of the open roads. We first talked to Mark Williamson back in April and during our chat with the Action For Happiness CEO he couldn’t have been clearer about his views on how cycling can boost mental health. “It helps us...
  • The greatest invention of humankind?-Pearson1860

    The greatest invention of humankind?

    On World Bicycle Day, Pearson hails the mode of transport that, in these challenging times, is proving especially valuable. Is the humble bike one of our finest creations?
  • UTILITY VEHICLES-Pearson1860


    The launch of Pearson’s new Summer 2020 range has coincided with a cycling boom. A fortuitous by-product of unfortunate events, we raise a glass to the ultimate utility vehicle and the pioneering thinker who, now more than ever, would have recognised its value.
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