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Take your pick.

You can now explore the Pearson range of bikes online. Whatever type of riding you plan to do, we’ll help you build the perfect bike for the job. Whether it’s your first Pearson or your fifteenth, we have the perfect bike for you. See Pearson Bikes

Put the wheels in motion.

Use our Size-me-up tool to choose your frame size. Next, follow the specification options to complete your bike. If you need more help, one of our expert advisers can assist in configuring your bike to match your type of riding and budget. Simply give us a call, chat online or book a video appointment. Because we size and build to order, every bike is unique. Once you’re happy with your bike, simply select and buy.
Because we size and build every bike to order, yours will be as unique as you are, designed to perfectly meet your cycling needs. Once happy, simply select and buy.

Measure twice cut once.

Every Pearson bike bought online includes a complimentary ‘bike-sizing fit’. From the thousands of precision bike-fittings we carry out in-store, we have taken key components to enable you to complete a virtual sizing online. Before we start work, one of our technicians will get in touch to confirm your details. Using their expert knowledge, they take into account such considerations as your height, body type, flexibility and injury history to double-check you have the right bike.
As components vary in size, we’ll help you confirm (or reselect) to ensure you achieve your optimum riding position. Once your bike is finalised, it’s then destined for our build shop.

Special Delivery

Our fully qualified mechanics will build and set up your bike. It will be tuned and ready to ride straight from the box with minimal adjustment or assembly. Bikes are shipped 98% built and are supplied with final quick-start instructions to complete set up safely. We use recycled, reusable boxes to reduce our carbon footprint. We offer a free ‘return to base’ service, to reuse the box again for further deliveries and to avoid unnecessary waste.
Delivery options:
A. Delivered direct to your home
B. Collect from your local bike shop
C. Shipped to a friendly, local mechanic
D. Collect from our London store

The Pearson guarantee

We’ve been looking after customers for more than 160 years. Like the many who have come before, you can trust our service and after-sales care to help keep you cycling.
  • All Pearson frames come with a five-year warranty, covering all manufacturing defects with unlimited mileage. Parts are covered by a one-year warranty. See Warranty details
  • Every new Pearson bike includes the offer of one month’s free insurance for protection and peace of mind. Plus, an ongoing option to insure at a discounted rate. See Insurance details.
  • Should you feel your new bike doesn’t meet your expectations, we’re always happy to reassess any fit considerations to make your bike just right.
  • For further advice on any aspect of cycling, simply contact Pearson directly: Email:; chat online at, or phone ++44 20 8642 2095.
  • Join the community - our intent is to make the world want to cycle. Share your experiences and benefits of cycling, alongside the many others who follow our social channels across the globe.
  • Become a member of Pearson CC and ride with like-minded fellow cyclists on organised rides, Zwift (for exclusive kit use: gopearson), sportives, training sessions and races. Pearson CC

Pearson: British design since 1860

  • Pearson house design

    Pearson House Design (PhD) is our in-house design system. A method developed using data from thousands of bike-fittings, it enables Pearson to create the optimum geometries for all our bike frames. PhD geometry means Pearson frames are designed to be ‘fit-friendly’, able to accommodate a range of positions for men and women. PhD eliminates the need for a made-to-measure frame.

  • The perfect fit

    Our design philosophy allows us to optimise your position by changing stem length, saddle height and setback, crank length and cleat position. A Pearson online bike-fit sizing also considers your riding aspirations, fitness, flexibility and any injury history. For maximising comfort and efficiency, a bike-fit sizing is essential. That’s why no Pearson bike bought online leaves our premises without one.

  • Young hands, wise heads

    Pearson has been fitting bikes for longer than any other bike company in the world. We've learned a few things in that century and a half. So, while much has changed since the days when we fitted penny-farthings, we believe that every decade counts, that knowledge is accumulative. Our mechanics might combine strong young hands with the latest tech, but they're overseen by some wise old heads to ensure customers achieve the best possible riding experience.

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Partner programme for the retailers or handy mechanics

As compensation for finalising assembly of a Pearson’s bike we offer £30 payment to retailers or a £30 voucher to your friendly mechanic. Our experience suggests that following this final bike assembly a retailer is guaranteed further visits from each customer, establishing longer term relationships and ongoing custom. It’s a great opportunity demonstrate quality service.

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