At Pearson, we believe in exceptional service and long-lasting customer relationships.

We also understand our responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions and champion the use of natural and recycled materials in our products.

And with the next generation waiting in the wings, we also believe we are responsible for our own legacy. For almost 160 years our customers have returned for the love of cycling, Pearson exists to make the world want to cycle.

So, while our bikes require energy and resources to produce, they are carbon-neutral to ride. By championing the reduction of waste in our industry we aim to create genuine change, with benefits for both today’s customers and those in the future.

We are proud to announce that our clothing range this year will be 85% sustainable, using a combination of ethically sourced natural or recycled fabrics, trims and packaging. By 2022, it is our ambition to make Pearson clothing fully sustainable. We design our products to be long-lasting, fewer replacements means less landfill. We use technical fabrics in instances where they can outlast even natural fibres, fabrics that require less washing to reduce CO2, and all our packaging and merchandise is made from recycled material which can be recycled again.