Sizing a bike correctly may seem like a simple task, typically if an individual is taller then they must require a larger bike, wider handlebar and longer crank length. This seems to be the general consensus of the bike industry but at Pearson's we don't share those same views. We want to make sure your new bike fits you as well as it looks. 

That's why the Pearson 'Bike Sizing' appointment is something we encourage all our customers buying directly from the Sheen store to go through. We will provide our 'Bike Sizing' for free with every new bike sold over £2000. The 1 hour appointment is to ensure when we build your new bike we have more precise measurements from the individual, guaranteeing the most comfortable and efficient riding experience on your new bike. 



Whether you know the bike you want or have a couple of options, our technician will make sure they understand your riding history and what you hope to achieve with the new purchase.

2. Saddle height, shape and size 

Using our custom fitting jig, the first measurements to determine is your ideal saddle height and position, including a range of saddle options if a specific type is required. 

Bike Fit - Southwest London

3. Frame size, handlebar width and crank length. 

Once your seat position has been determined the next step is to understand your ideal reach and drop to the handlebars, including the suitable width. Along with this is the discussion on what would be the relevant crank length for the rider.

4. Shoe & cleat selection 

With the various categories of bikes, pedal and shop options do vary and this is something your technician will discuss with you and confirm the right choice.

Bike Fit - Southwest London

5. Bike fit measurement and selection of ideal bikes 

A record of your optimal bike fit measurements are taken and this is when you will be given the ideal range of bikes that best suit you. 'Note' not all bikes are going to be suitable for all riders' and you may be given an alternative to what you had in mind. 

6. Confirmation, order and build schedule

At the end of the session once all the information is gathered you are able to confirm your order and you will be given the build schedule for your new bike. 

Once your new bike is built and ready, a technician will set up your bike to the ideal measurements so it is ready to ride! 

Pearson Bike Sizing - £100 (1hour)  (included for free with all new Pearson bike purchases over £2000) 


Book Your Pearson'Bike Sizing' fit

Price: £100

The cost of the 'Bike Sizing' is then refunded if the bike is bought from us.





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