Why choose bib shorts or bib tights?

If you’re doing a modest amount of riding, a well-fitting pair of bib shorts or bib tights is essential. Whether you’re road racing, commuting, taking on a mountainous sportive or gravel grinding, it’s essential to be comfortable in order to make the most of your time in (and out of) the saddle.

Are bib shorts better than shorts with a waistband?

Cycling shorts with a simple waistband won’t work as well if you intend to do longer distances or more intense indoor cycle training. Bib shorts with straps which loop over your shoulders will limit the padded insert from moving, and the lack of a waistband means they won’t compress your midriff. However, for short commutes or casual urban riding, the Pearson Kick Back shorts, which don’t have straps, but are made from technical fabrics to regulate temperature, are a great choice.

How do I know what size to get?

All Pearson’s bib shorts and bib tights come in five sizes – S to XXL. Click ‘size me up’ next to the size options, and if you’re still not sure, chat to us online, send us an email, or simply give us a call.

Are bib shorts expensive?

Pearson has a firm commitment to sustainability, which means our shorts and tights are not only high performance and built to last, but they’re also made from recycled fabrics at no extra cost to our customers. We believe we have a responsibility to promote a legacy for the next generation, and sourcing sustainable fabrics should be a given. With a Pearson bib short and bib tight, you benefit from what you pay for in terms of quality of fabric and construction. We think you’ll agree that it’s worth every effort.

Bib shorts and tights at Pearson1860.com

At Pearson1860.com we have padded bibs for summer through to winter, for road and gravel, all constructed around our own PhD (Pearson House Design) pad. It’s unique shape, construction and position were created by analysing and applying the huge amount of data gleaned from over ten years of one to one bike fittings with our customers. We never compromise when it comes to quality or performance because bib shorts and tights are so central to your riding experience. It’s worth investing in the best possible – and we have designed ours to be exactly that.

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