While our Sheen store remains very much open, government advice regarding Covid-19 means we must ask that appointments be made in advance. Fortunately, Pearson’s online service is every bit as comprehensive as our renowned in-store experience.

In fact, at Pearson we believe good, friendly advice should be hardwired into any online purchase. Advice that puts the emphasis on your long-term investment and riding welfare. So, while we want to keep you riding through difficult times, it will remain company policy to never dispatch a bike without first guiding you through numerous key decisions.



Three reasons to choose Pearson online.

1.) Knowledge
One hundred and sixty years of knowledge helps us choose precisely the right bike for you. And thanks to thousands of bike-fitting sessions, we also have the data to calculate the ideal geometry for your bike, ensuring optimal efficiency and comfort, whatever your preferred riding discipline. Pearson’s bikes fall into three categories, Road, Adventure and Urban. However, because we recognise the multi-use interests of our customers, many of our bikes span several categories. We’ll also ask about your cycling history, whether you have any past or recurring injuries, or flexibility issues. This information, combined with physical characteristics, such as height and leg length, will guide the choice of a frameset.

2.) Trust
Countless interactions with customers have helped us formalise our fitting process. We can create your bike without you having to sit on it. Our Smartfit app allows customers to size themselves, providing the same high-level summary we create in-store. During this process, our ‘Ask an Expert’ service provides one-to-one advice from our extremely knowledgeable fitters. Once we’ve configured the bike to your precise requirements, customers can proceed to purchase. Our team will then contact customers directly to confirm further sizing details and components.

You might find one of our pre-fitted set-ups suits your body shape perfectly. But, as almost everything is customisable, we can make changes to the following:

- Bar width: Traditionally determined by your shoulder width. The age-old method, popping your elbow on the saddle and fingertips on the handlebars, tends to lead to wider bars. Narrower bars are often better as they engage the core and improve aerodynamics and control. 

- Stem: Longer stems that allow riders to get ‘aero’ have been steadily getting shorter. A shorter stem will raise you higher, reduce an aggressive riding position, and minimise stress on the lower back.

- Drop to the bar: Imagine a horizontal line from the tip of saddle to the handlebars. The degree of drop will dictate your riding position, which will determine your cycling efficiency. It’s not always about having a streamlined, or ‘flat-backed’ position. A more open position is easier to sustain on longer rides and often more beneficial to the everyday rider.

- Crank length: Reducing the length of the cranks will often benefit the rider’s hip flexors, enabling more efficient and sustainable pedalling.

3.) Reliability
After 160 years, it should be clear we’re here for you in the long run. Each of our products is carefully designed and built with extended life in mind, and our after-care service is equally geared to the long-term. Bikes will be delivered having been fully built and tuned. Sizing suggestions will be marked on the seat post and stem spacers required to set to fit. Minimal assembly is required but if additional advice is needed following delivery, we’ll be happy to consult by video call, phone or email. And if any discomfort issues arise subsequently, we’ll advise on any positional changes too.

For information, advice, or a complimentary online consultation please contact our care team and we will be pleased to help you at care@pearson1860.com or chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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