On And Off: Putting It To The Test

At the heart of every product test is a simple question: How does it perform in the real world? This time, we took the On And Off for a rigorous test both on-road and off-road in Richmond Park, including the renowned Tamsin Trail. Here's what we discovered about its range and capability.



The Setting: Richmond Park

Richmond Park, known for its stunning vistas and varied terrain, offers the perfect backdrop for testing any bike. The park features both paved roads and challenging off-road tracks, making it an ideal spot to test the versatility and resilience of the On And Off. Our routes included the Tamsin Trail, a popular 11.8 km gravel route and 10.9km road loop, both encapsulating the typical challenges of a ride: steep climbs, quick stops and starts, fast downhills and long, gradual ascents. 

The Road Loop: 10.9 km, 25m ascent.

The road loop in Richmond Park is a 10.9 km circuit that dissects the outer route. This features primarily well-maintained asphalt, ideal for road cycling. It starts near one of the park's main entrances, looping around in a full circle to provide a complete tour of the park's scenic landscapes. As an open public road traffic plays its part meaning that there are some stop start sections. 

Key Features:

  • Elevation: The loop includes mild inclines and declines, perfect for testing a bike’s handling on slight slopes.
  • Smooth Surface: The well-paved paths are excellent for high-speed cycling and endurance tests.
  • Popular Route: Often frequented by cyclists and runners, the loop is a well-loved track for its accessibility and safety.

Ideal testing conditions: This loop is particularly suited for assessing the battery range and gauging the bike's performance on consistent road conditions.

The Off-Road Loop: Tamsin Trail 11.8km, 104m ascent.

The Tamsin Trail is an 11.8 km gravel path that offers a more rugged and varied terrain, with portions of the trail meandering through wooded areas and alongside park meadows. This trail is known for its natural beauty and more challenging riding conditions due to the uneven and mixed surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Varied Terrain: The trail includes gravel, dirt paths, and occasional patches of grass, challenging the bike’s traction and compliance.
  • Natural Obstacles: Riders encounter natural elements such as roots, rocks, and mud, testing the bike's stability and control.
  • Undulating Landscape: Unlike the road loop, the Tamsin Trail features more pronounced hills and dips, ideal for testing the bike's power on climbs and its handling on descents.

Ideal testing conditions: This trail is perfect for evaluating how well the bike manages tougher terrains and how the range is affected by steeper inclines. 


Test Objectives

The aim of our experiment was straightforward:

  • To determine how far the On And Off can travel on a single charge on both road and off-road surfaces.
  • To assess the bike's performance under different conditions using the lowest assistance level, to maximise the distance covered.

Test Results

On the Road:

  • Distance Covered: 165km
  • Elevation Gain 964m 
  • Route: Road loop
  • Assistance Level: Eco Mode

On the road, the On And Off impressed with a stellar performance, covering 165km on the Eco mode. This test showcased the bike's efficiency and battery longevity, making it an excellent choice for long-distance road cyclists.


  • Distance Covered: 125km
  • Elevation Gain 1117m
  • Route: 80% off-road, including the Tamsin Trail
  • Assistance Level: Eco Mode

Off-road, the On And Off performed admirably, managing to traverse 125km on rough and uneven terrain. This speaks volumes about its durability and the reliability of its power system, even under strenuous conditions.


Insights and Observations

The On And Off proved to be a robust companion for both the manicured roads and the rugged trails of Richmond Park. Its ability to handle different terrains while maintaining a long battery life is noteworthy. These tests affirm that the bike is not only versatile but also reliable for both everyday commutes and adventurous trails.

Our in-house "Stig" and around the world rider, Duncan, took the challenge head-on, demonstrating that the On And Off is capable of going the distance, quite literally! His experience on the trails and roads of Richmond Park is a testament to the bike's design and functionality.


The On And Off is more than just an electric bike; it's a versatile, reliable partner that stands up to the demands of both paved roads and challenging off-road paths. Whether you're looking for a bike that can take you on long road trips or handle adventurous off-road journeys, the On And Off is ready to meet the challenge.

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