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Have you ever wanted to visit Kings Langley? The setting of William Shakespeare's Richard II, Act III, Scene IV. Home of Kings Langley FC. Birthplace of John Milbank - the Anglican theologian.


Well, if you follow the Grand Union Canal from Brentford, then you are in for a treat!

This route follows the towpath through some of the shadier areas of North London. Pick your way between fisherman and walkers past Watford to Kings Langley - beyond even the reach of the Tube. The route loops back through Harrow to rejoin the canal system near Wembley.


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Authored By Will Pearson
Will represents one half of the fifth generation of the Pearson dynasty. He boasts a riding career of almost 50 years, having beaten his siblings to staying upright on a two-wheeler at the age of two and a half. Coaxed out of bed on Sunday mornings to ride cyclo-cross most of his younger life, his interest in cycling is also focussed in road and gravel adventure riding. Chiefly responsible for Pearson bike geometry, design and specification.
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