At this time last year, 6 Music DJ Nemone created an exclusive Pearson playlist to keep you cycling through the dark days of winter. And this month, she’s done it all over again. So, tune in, zone out (just not too much) and get riding.

A qualified psychotherapist, Nemone’s latest BBC series, Journeys in Sound, investigates the links between music and our minds. Which makes her the perfect choice to curate a playlist designed to boost your mental reserves. “What a year we’ve had,” says Nemone, “and I’m thrilled to be asked to share a few favourite tunes again. I hope you’re all as well as can be expected and this playlist has been crafted to keep you company whilst you train through winter; I have cooked, driven and chilled out to it as well. I hope you enjoy listening to these tracks as much as I’ve enjoyed weaving them together.”
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A. Treasure feat. Dawn Pemberton & Pezzner – Running
I listened to this as I was running recently and it just struck the right chord. Definitely one to keep me going when training in the dark, long winter months.

Liz Cass – Killers (Matador Remix Radio Edit)
There’s great urgency on this house builder. It’s a remix of her recent single. I knew there was something great about this when I first heard it. And after some time I realised, it’s Pat Benatar meets Fleetwood Mac. Come on.

Moonchild Sanelly – Thunda Thighs
Moonchild joined me for the third series of ‘Journeys in Sound’, on 6 Music. My new show takes a deeper dive into an artist’s love of music, their influences and the experiences that have shaped who they are today. Her energy and attitude were infectious, the perfect tonic.

Adam Stafford – Holographic Tulsa Mezzanine
This track has the ability to envelope and transport me when I’m running. I recently travelled much further than my usual 5km along the River Thames whilst listening to this.

Kety Fusco – Ma Gnossienne
I love how Kety Fusco has reimagined Erik Satie’s Gnossienne and made it her own. I used it to kick off Common Sound, my live collaboration with the Scottish Ensemble. Touring at the end of October in Scotland, we explored the positive effects of gathering together in a venue and listening to live music as a group; emphasising just how essential a practice that is for our health and wellbeing.

Feiertag – Living in Slow
I find Living in Slow completely transportive and meditative. The different elements are wonderfully ethereal and yet despite the pace and vocals throughout, very grounding.

Afterlife – 5th & Avenida
A classic from 1999.

Alex Banks – Falling Down
This piece is majestic and never fails to re-energise me when I work out.

Louisahhh – Love Is Punk (Vitalic remix)
My ears always prick up at a Vitalic remix. Louisahh released this on debut album The Practice of Freedom this year, exploring experiences of loss and love, told through brutally beautiful electronics, electro and techno colliding with their industrial, rock and alternative sounds. Covering themes ranging from eroticism and empowerment to addiction and apocalypse, it found the perfect home on the ever-excellent polysexual polymath label HE.SHE.THEY.

Parcels – Somethinggreater (Gaspard Augé Remix)
Yes! One half of Justice remixing platinum record-selling band Parcels, whose double album Day/Night was in in turn mixed by one half of Simian Mobile Disco, and production wizard James Ford. Musical alchemy which chimed perfectly.

Alex Rossi – Tutto va bene quando facciamo l’amore (Yuksek remix)
Another uplift moment in any workout. I discovered this though the cracking compilation series More or Less Disco. Volume 5 landed last January, from French electronic music producer and DJ Yuksek’s label, Partyfine.

Jenny Lee – Tickles
With excellent synth contributions from electronic producer Trentmoller, the Warpaint bassist shows her versatility and flexes her solo muscles once again with total aplomb. Love her in the band, love this as well.

Elaine Mai – Together Again
Phwoar, this became an instant earworm for me. Together again is an incredible piece from this Irish artist and put me in mind of Bicep’s brilliant track Apricots when I first heard it. I’m following it in this playlist with another wonderful electronic meander from Budakid which seems to match the mood perfectly. They’re perfect tune twins.

Budakid – If Chickens Could Talk
Demands inclusion for the name alone. See above.

Self Esteem – I Do This All The Time
Rebecca Lucy Taylor’s Journeys In Sound episode (October) was heartbreakingly honest about the decade she spent as part of indie band Slow Club and her yearning to express herself more fully musically and creatively. IMHO, she nailed it on this year’s LP Prioritise Pleasure which has this Baz Luhrmann-like-sermon on it.

Little Simz feat. Obongjayar – Point and Kill
Another wonderful release from 2021 came via Little Simz and her Sometimes I Might Be Introvert. The searing honesty about her experiences and state of mind resonated. I particularly loved this hook-up with Obongjayar.

lau:ra – Body Go
Every playlist simply must include a Laura Bettinson track, at least for me. She made the cut here last year and unsurprisingly features again. Anyone who has heard me on the radio in the past few years will know I talk at length about her production and music any time I get the opportunity. She is fabulous and this track hits the mark for me again.

Metronomy – It’s Good To Be Back (Meg Ward remix)
When this tune landed I wasn’t sure I was ready to celebrate ‘being back’, whatever that meant. I now realise I thoroughly was – and am. Remixed by the ace Meg Ward, who’s made excellent work of the brilliant Metronomy original. This is a surefire workout banger.

Loraine James – Simple Things
Broken beats and simplicity itself. Loraine James’ genius shines through. She dropped her beautifully experimental third album Reflections this summer. Experimental in all the best ways.

Nicole Cassandra Smit – Strong Woman
New from the Edinburgh Chanteuse, on the ever-excellent Ramrock record label.

Halo Maud - Des Bras (Andy Votel remix)
From absolutely awesome Heavenly Records remix collection, providing an ace festive soundtrack for sure! A smorgasbord of my favourite bands and artists included; St Etienne, Working Men’s Club, Gwenno, 808 State’s Graham Massey. This collection demands a deeper dive.

That Kid Chris – Blade 2 The Rhythm
Finally one for the new year. This is out in January 2022, so I’ll add it to the Spotify playlist then. It is an absolute beauty, TKC’s homage to the Grace Jones original feels like a good place to wrap this up.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!


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