Race report:  After a tough race on the Saturday, Dylan, Mattie and Nathan decided to give a race in Duisburg a go. It was a race consisting of 14 laps of a 6km circuit, it had decent, corners, and a climb to the finish with a short stretch of cobbles.

race report Backstedt team

The race went straight from the gun, people were hopping off the front within the first couple of kilometers including Nathan and Dylan. After the first lap a break of about six riders had formed up the road, but it didn’t last long. Nathan and Dylan were pushing on consequently splitting the break to just those two. This kept going until about 8 laps to go where they had 50 seconds in the main group with a small group bridging across. From this point onwards the race was hard, the break was driving out of every corner and pushing on up the climb, Nathan was sitting very comfortably while Dylan was not so much…

Behind, Mattie was making countless efforts to get a gap and bridge across, along with a few others, but for the majority of the race, nothing would stick. Coming into the final 2 laps Dylan got gapped up the hill by the break, but at the very same time, Mattie managed to get free from the bunch along with two others. With about 1 lap to go Mattie managed to bridge across to Dylan who was about 15 seconds off the back of the break, but before long Dylan and Mattie had bridged back up to Nathan who was at the front of the race.


As the front group entered the final climb Nathan hit the front, Mattie on his wheel and Dylan tucked just behind. Nathan then put his foot down blowing the small group apart but putting Dylan and Mattie in the perfect position to sprint it out for second and third. Unfortunately, there was an attack of the front of the race within the last couple of laps that couldn’t be caught meaning Backstedt took 2nd, and 3rd, with Nathan coming 4th. 

A big congratulations to the team, we look forward to your next race.


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