multi-purpose titanium Pearson gravel bike

Minegoestoeleven is not your everyday name for a bike, but that said (if you can), this is not an everyday bike. Our latest flagship carbon road model is designed with optimal bike fitting in mind, offering speed for the budding racing cyclist to the everyday enthusiast.


Minegoestoeleven is of course a portmanteau of “mine goes to eleven”, which is a reference to the 1984 British mockumentary This is Spinal Tap about a fictional band whose proudest boast is their loudness. At one point in the film, singer Nigel demonstrates the modified dials of the band’s amps.  

“You’re on 10 on your guitar. Where can you go from there?... What we do if we need that extra push over the cliff... We go to eleven.”

Our shoot tracks two intrepid riders and friends of Pearson, Maddy and Philip, who ventured to Lee Valley Velopark to race a London League series and put the new Minegoestoeleven through its paces.

A demanding circuit offering rapid, eyeball-bulging straights and white-knuckle bends, it's every man (and woman) for themselves.

And what accolade do riders receive on the podium in return for their valour? A courgette of course, and why not?


  • Top specification. Top speed.

    With a choice of three groupsets as standard, each bike will be carefully built to customer specification preference. With performance in mind, this road racer offers the highest quality Shimano group set options as standard.

  • Aero sculpted frame.

    The high-density unidirectional carbon fibre frame is lightweight and aerodynamically contoured for speed and agility in the ride. The combination of a teardrop seat post adds to the slender finish, designed to cut through the wind with ease.

  • Optimum rolling surface.

    The deep section carbon wheels offer resolute power transfer, reduce aero drag and minimise buffeting from side gusts. Designed to accommodate 700x 25-32c tubed or tubeless tyres on a wide rim, to give an optimal rolling surface and extra grip.

  • Fully integrated one-piece bar.

    A full carbon integrated bar and stem offers sleek lines, comfort in grip and ultimate stability in the sprint. Concealing the gear and brake sinews it's the crown on this aero machine, available in a variety of lengths and widths to suit customer fitting.


Cycling Weekly - 9/10 Review "...this bike was always a pleasure to ride. It is astonishingly fast, which brings its own rewards – the way it picks up speed and zips along is nothing short of addictive. Comfort is also good for a bike this racy, with plenty of scope for individual tailoring." David Bradford, Nov 2020


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