As a regular customer of Pearson, we would like to offer you a great opportunity to ride one of our latest bikes.

To arrange a time, simply choose the bike and leave some basic details with us. We will get in contact and arrange a time that is convenient for your experience either morning or afternoon. Once booked, arrive at the Sheen store on the day for a coffee or tea while we set up your bike to give you the best ride possible. We will accompany you and give you any advice you might need, including routes but ​if you would prefer you can go it alone using one of the new Wahoo Roam GPS devices! And ​when you ​arrive back we’d love to hear about your experience.

Places are on a first come first serve basis so all you need to do is find a day when you’re free and book a slot.

William, Guy and the Pearson Cycles Team.

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Our Test Bikes

Off-Grid - Carbon Gravel Bike

Our most versatile adventure bike yet, with a carbon frame that is light and tough, while our Pearson House Design (PhD) fit system guarantees optimum geometry.

Allmodcons - Aluminium Gravel Bike

Lightweight, alloy disc-brake gravel bike. Guard and rack mounts, along with broad-range Shimano gearing, provide maximum versatility, whether touring, adventuring or commuting.

Summon the Blood - Titanium Gravel Bike

A durable, multi-purpose titanium gravel bike designed for versatility, comfort and speed, in well-balanced proportion.