Pearson x Lake: Tearaway Cycling Shoes/Born Unslippy® Pedalset


As the world’s oldest cycling company, Pearson has been championing innovation since 1860. In an exciting new collaboration with cycling shoe specialists Lake, Pearson is proud to announce the Pearson + Lake Tearaway Cycling Shoe. Designed for life on and off and on the bike, they’re the perfect choice for anyone tired of click-clacking around in cleats.

Pearson tearaways cycle shoe and pedal system RUG technology

Grafted to a luxury Lake sneaker-trainer, the Tearaways feature proprietary RUG® technology. The acronym stands for ‘Road, Urban, Gravel’ because this really is the only cycling shoe you’ll ever need.

Pearson tearaways cycle shoe and pedal system RUG technology
The secret lies in the sole (a bit like life), which features a Vibram base for exceptional stiffness and durability. This has been overlaid with our ground-breaking slip-free Velcro, to offer class-leading pedal adherence. The shoe is supplied with corresponding, complimentary pedals, and which, again, boast technology developed exclusively by Pearson. (And Lake, obviously.)


The Born Unslippy® pedals are designed to work only with the Tearaway shoe. It actively knows when to release the shoe (a bit like memory foam in premium mattresses), so you’ll never be caught out at traffic lights.

The Pearson + Lake Tearaways have been rigorously tested in a wide range of riding conditions. With a release so effortless, they had us singing their praises to Pearson customers in-store, many of whom are dedicated ‘cleat-heads’. You might even say the Tearaways put the ‘verse’ into versatile.

Product Features
Luxury Lake sneaker-trainer.
Proprietary RUG® technology (‘Road, Urban, Gravel’).
Vibram sole for durability.
Class-leading adherence.
Exclusive Born Unslippy® pedalset.



Authored By Jack Buxton
"After only learning how to ride his bike in anti-clockwise circles back in the Nineties, Jack has come a long way (although only by taking left turns) and is now heading Pearson's online offering. When he's not manning the keyboards you'll see him out on his Off Grid, as a newly converted gravel aficionado."
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  • Posted on by John
    One of the better April Fool stories of recent years. Well done.
  • Posted on by Stuart M

    Wow, fantastic innovation and super stylish new shoes from the Pearson team, brilliant effort guys.

    I’m really excited about the opportunities for ‘tearaway’ technology. This could bring unparalleled security to the urban rider coping with our bumpy roads. I think the Pearson ‘Sticky fingers’ gloves could be another game changer, hope to see them released this time next year!

  • Posted on by Harshad
    Ah April 1st! What a lovely day!
  • Posted on by Harshad
    The tearaway shoes sound great. Hours do you ensure that the foot is exactly in the right place. With Cleats you can get that to within millimetre
  • Posted on by Linda
    I love the shoe style, it’s perfect. I have been looking for a good on and off cycling shoe and this one almost made the cut. In the future perhaps consider making the Pearson/Lake logo smaller. I truly dislike big advertising on persons. I find it very tacky. I look forward to future versions.

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