Pearson Inside Out Gravel Series 2021

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Welcome! The Pearson Inside Out Gravel Series consists of four organised gravel rides in south-west London, one for each season from April through to November. Book your spot today, your entry fee goes towards our two excellent charities.

The object of the Pearson Inside Out Gravel Series is to introduce and enjoy the outstanding gravel riding that exists in and around London! We also aim to highlight the benefits of cycling to our mental wellbeing. Riding on gravel helps to immerse riders amongst natural environments, into cleaner air and on to quieter byways, providing great headspace and a wealth of comradery between fellow riders. We will be following Covid protocol and best practice for the safety of riders and our staff.

Entry £20 per Season 
Dates: Spring ride - completed. Summer Ride - completed. Autumn Ride - completed. Winter Ride - completed.
Meeting Time: HQ opens 7.30am. Start 8.00am - 9:30am final rollout.
Meeting Point: Pearson Performance,  232 Upper Richmond Rd, East Sheen, London SW14 8AG.
Distance: 52km (42km off-road) 

Please ensure you are able to follow the route by GPS, the course is not marked. Discover the route here.

Inside Out Gravel Series - Spring  COMPLETED
Spring Edition - 11th April 2021
Inside Out Gravel Series - Summer   COMPLETED
Summer Edition - June 20th 2021
Inside Out Gravel Series - Autumn   COMPLETED
Autumn Edition - September 25th 2021
Inside Out Gravel Series - Winter   COMPLETED
Winter Edition - November 13th 2021

Details: The route promises to introduce even the most experienced navigators to a ride which spans lesser know paths and tracks across SW London. A mixture of passable off-road and gravel tracks, interspersed by quieter roads to link to one another. The 52km route (42km gravel), leaves Pearson Sheen store SW14 8AG where plentiful coffee and watering facilities are available. The route will have staging posts where you will be able to access refreshments and mechanical facilities supplied by our partner company, Sportive Breaks.


There will also be a roving mechanic for those in any difficulty on the route, a contact number will be provided in case of emergency. The ride finishes back at the store where our friends from Signal Brewery will be supplying light refreshments for everyone's well-deserved efforts. The Wahoo team will also be at the start to help with downloads out on their bikes helping riders where required. The route is not marked and for those who are not digital yet, we will be offering the chance the first 30 riders to borrow a new Wahoo GPS for the ride when entering online. Riders who are not equipped with the digital route will be unable to follow the course. The nearest train station to our Sheen store is Mortlake, two minutes away, and there is also extensive free parking in the surrounding roads for those arriving by car. The route will be supplied ahead of the event to download into GPS devices and phones using navigation apps.

Some information about gravel riding

Bike setup - ideally a gravel or cyclocross bike is best. Mountain bikes are also fine to ride but won't be as quick (rider depending!). Road bikes with clearances for 700x36 tyres with knobbly tyres will be sufficient, but it is advised not to ride close tyre clearance road bikes for this event.

Any other kit required?

GPS or phones using navigation apps, 2 x spare tubes with inflators and mini tool. At least one hydration system, be it a drinks bottle or use of a backpack. A bell to forewarn people of your proximity, the easiest, most effective and polite way there is. LED lights if visibility is poor.

How does gravel riding differ from road cycling?

Gravel riding is basically road riding on bikes with bigger clearances, larger tyres and with enough room for mud to pass through the space between rubber and frame. Although road bikes may look similar and some of the roads we use will be tarmac, the off-road and gravel sections will soon prove unpassable in damper conditions.

Gravel bikes offer more grip on unmade paths and tend to be more upright for better control. Comfort is key, a good gravel bike will roll along well with higher volume tyres at lower pressures (usually much lower than a road tyre 40-60 psi versus 80-90 psi). Tyres range from 36 to 50mm and will vary in treads to suit different conditions. Gearing is typically much lower (easier) than road machines, with many gravel bike riders opting for a single front chainring and a broad spread of rear gears. This reduces the chance of mud collecting around the cranks and is quicker to clean after a ride!

Pearson have three main models of gravel bike:

All models are supplied with a free bike fit sizing at the Sheen store. Please contact us to book a one to one appointment to get you started.

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Pearson Cycles have created a new route for their Inside Out Gravel Sportive series.

I’m going to do a recce of the route on Sunday 23rd, starting at 8.30. All are welcome to join.

FB – SW London Gravel Ginders

James Luce January 17, 2022

I did the gravel ride earlier today, Sunday November 13th. Really had a good time.

Yesterday’s rain did leave a couple of very boggy bits which gave me a few wobbles as my tyres slid in the mud. Though that was quite exhilarating and added to the enjoyment of the ride. It also helped that I didn’t fall off.

Thanks for setting this up and advertising for all who wish to join in the fun. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s on offer next year.

Warren Evans November 19, 2021

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