The new cycling boom is the perfect time to break out an essential piece of kit. Pearson’s cycling bib shorts offer supreme comfort and performance, wherever you ride.

By Louise Waugh.


Designed for a variety of terrain and weather conditions, Pearson’s cycling bib shorts are all constructed around the same exclusive pad. We’ve named it after our bike-fitting system Pearson House Design (PhD). The PhD pad draws on more than a decade of bike-fitting expertise, analysing the riding styles of thousands of Pearson customers. The result is a pad located in the perfect position and made from optimum materials – not just for the comfort of today’s riders but for future generations of cyclists too. Pearson’s philosophy of sustainable design and manufacture means our bib shorts are made almost entirely from recycled materials – but without compromising on performance.

Road  British Summertime Begins

Named for William Willett, a fellow rider (of the equine rather than two-wheeled variety) who campaigned to have the clocks changed to better match the seasons. Which is precisely how we’ve designed these lightweight and highly breathable cycling bib shorts. Built for warmer conditions, the main fabric of these road cycling shorts is made from recycled materials, as is the high-wicking bib section. To paraphrase the late football manager, Brian Clough, we wouldn’t say they’re the most sustainable bib shorts ever made but they’re definitely in the top one. Soft gripper holds the legs securely in place, while Merrow ACTIVESEAM® technology ensures these cycling shorts remain supremely comfortable, allowing you to ride on into those precious extra hours of daylight.


Pearson Cycling Bib Shorts- Push Comes to Shove


Adventure – Push Comes to Shove

Created for the same exceptional performance as our road bib shorts, Push Comes to Shove put the focus on adventure. Perfect for gravel-grinding and other off-road cycling, these adventure cycling shorts are an ingenious hybrid. The main fabric is made from durable, recycled Lycra, so you can get down and dirty with a clean, green conscience. Then, when you’re not battling muddy trails or dusty descents, the shorts have loose-drape coverage to preserve your modesty off the bike. The legs feature cargo pockets, for those extra supplies on longer routes, while the high-performance, high-wicking bib section is also made from recycled material.



Multi-season – Stiffen the Sinews

We’ve always interpreted Shakespeare's famous call to arms as a plea to legs. So, to make sure your legs are listening, for a limited period we’re offering a complimentary pair of Cold Start leg warmers with every pair of these multi-season cycling shorts. Stiffen the Sinews Stiffen the Sinews are ideal for those days when tights are too warm but you still need insulation to keep muscles supple. Made from fully recycled, thermal Roubaix fabric, a slick, matt outer improves aerodynamics, while the brushed inner ensures soft, warm comfort. The slightly heavier fabric enhances wind-proofing and a high-cut thermal waist keeps your midriff cosy. Longer-cut legs keep knees protected and the high-wicking mesh bib section is also made from 100% recycled fabric.





Across the range, reflective detailing keeps you safe and seen on the road regardless of the season, while the Pearson rose emblem is your hallmark of quality.

View the Pearson range of bibs and shorts here.

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