5 tips to be brilliant on Zwift


With the indoor cycling world being dominated by Zwift, here are five pearls of wisdom from our resident ex-pro and indoor training expert Edmund Bradbury to help maximise your efforts in the pain cave, and to make sure you're getting the most out of your turbo time.


 Edmund taking on a Zwift race in our Sheen store. Pain face not an option. 


With yourself and others. Put in your real (current!) weight, enter the right category race, set your FTP realistically for workouts. It will ruin the whole thing for yourself and others if you are not - we all want to use the platform to share our love of cycling.

Feel the wind in your hair... in your spare room.


We don't mean your mum or your best friend. If you are doing it right it is going to get hot and sweaty. A fan for the workout, and potentially a mop afterwards! Don't forget to keep your headset covered to stop any sweat creeping into the bearings - you'll thank us in the spring!


It might sound daunting at first, but the best part of Zwift is competing. There are races for all levels, and just focus on racing those around you - and improving a little bit each time you do it. TOP TIP for racing: Start pedalling - HARD - 5 seconds before the start - it will get you in a good position from the gun.

Pearson Zwift Racing Indoor training

Edmund doing what most of us here at Pearson can only aspire to...


The mobile app is a great way to control your avatar and make yourself look even better, see what events are on, and change settings whilst running the game.


You know what? It isn't quite the same as riding outdoors. It takes some getting used to, but stick with it. Before you know it you will be an avid virtual e-cyclist!

We stock a whole range of Wahoo indoor training products here at Pearson. To lay your hands on any of their equipment, click here.

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Authored By Jack Buxton
"After only learning how to ride his bike in anti-clockwise circles back in the Nineties, Jack has come a long way (although only by taking left turns) and is now heading Pearson's online offering. When he's not manning the keyboards you'll see him out on his Off Grid, as a newly converted gravel aficionado."
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  • Posted on by Bleddyn Williams

    Tip 6 the bike can make a difference after you have done number 1. Read up on racing in zwift and the different bikes and wheels and also link to zwift power to get a better idea on the data. And number 7 don’t take it that seriously but do give it all you have 😂

  • Posted on by Max

    Great tips! I love riding on Zwift too! You’re super right about starting to pedal hard before the start on the races. I didn’t know about that and was dropped all fast on my first race 🤣 ride on!! 👍🏼

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