Whether you’re minding out for beetles or skirting stones, Pearson’s new Rock and Roll wheelset is designed for exceptional gravel performance. 

On and On

What is and isn’t ‘rock and roll’ has always been about the context. A term derived from a specific 1950s musical genre (Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis) soon became a synonym for pop music generally and thereafter a kind of shorthand for debauchery and excess. Context, even then, was king. For Ronnie Wood, the rock-and-roll life meant a four-day bender; for Ronnie Corbett, perhaps a fourth digestive biscuit.

Fortunately, Pearson’s new Rock and Roll gravel wheelset has been engineered with only one outcome in mind; to help you roll over rocks – see what we did there? – as effortlessly as possible. Well, OK, not quite effortlessly because frankly that’s where you, the rider, come in. What they will do, however, is perform superbly off-road thanks to their ingenious design and Pearson’s selection of exceptional components.

Rock and Roll

Pearson’s Rock and Roll wheelset features hookless rims for greater impact absorption, even at lower tyre pressures, and at just 1.4kg they’re also strong and lightweight. A 40mm-deep profile ensures aerodynamic gains (yes, even off road) and also counters vibration, which in turn improves grip and performance. The Sapim CX-Ray Straight-Pull spokes are some of the lightest available and also have a greater fatigue-resistance, to keep you rolling ride after ride after ride.


- 25mm internal rim width
- Hookless
- 40mm deep profile
- Straight-pull CX-Ray spokes
- Weight: 1.4kg



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