Pearson’s new hi-tech self-inflating gilet offers the perfect blend of protection and performance.

Lighter than air


As part of our new collection for spring-summer 2023, we’re proud to introduce Lighter Than Air, our new pioneering ‘safety’ gilet. Designed to expand your road riding experience, Lighter Than Air uses Self-Augmenting Garment Inflation technology. Known as SAGI, the idea was first trialled – not altogether successfully – in inflatable cycling helmets, whereby discreet air-filled pockets offered instant impact protection when required. As any rider will tell you, cars that pass too close often mean that cycling on major roads isn’t always the safe and secure experience it should be.

Lighter than air gilet

That’s why Lighter Than Air also comes with a Width-Optimising-Bike-Barrier-Life-Enhancer (WOBBLE). Based on the sensors used for parking in most cars, should any vehicle cross into your specified riding ‘lane’ (pre-set by you and ranging from 30cm to 1m), then the gas-powered WOBBLE is activated, filling the SAGI parts of the gilet with air and effectively creating an all-body cushion. Simultaneously, an additional sensor then vibrates to alert you to the potential hazard; finally, a battery-powered light on the rear of the gilet flashes to warn the passing driver. 

Lighterthanair inflatable gilet

Pearson’s commitment to sustainability means there is no room for dubious down filling in this gilet; after all, what could be more sustainable than fresh air? That same air brings performance benefits too, thanks to a durable ‘drip-stop’ fabric that works organically to keep your skin cool. Simply unzip the gilet fully and let nature take care of the rest. 


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