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How to start and get connected?

Find the icon shown below in the bottom right corner. Our Pearson family of experts will be ready to help with all of your product enquiries.

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You have the option to connect immediately by clicking LIVE VIDEO or alternatively book a APPOINTMENT for a live video call at a time that suits you.

What you need to get started?

All you need is a mobile device or a computer. We will ask you to turn your microphone on, and you can choose to have your camera off or on at any time.

Meet one of our family of experts

Let us give you the right advice to choose the products best suited to you. Our family of experts are happy to discuss your cycling needs, we look forward to meeting you.

Bike Video Appointment

If you know the type of Bike you're looking for book a time below to connect to one of our experts

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If you need some advice on Pearson’s clothing, maybe a size. Arrange an appointment below

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With so many options, don’t hesitate to make a call or make an appointment for advice

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If you need any other advice, Workshop, Bike fit just make an appointment

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What people are saying about this service

“Scheduling a time was really helpful, got to see the Bike I was interested in close up and they answered all my questions thoroughly”

“The virtual fit was very straightforward. I provided measurements and pictures and sent over to Will to review. A couple of discussions later we had agreed on sizing and set-up.”

“Relieved that they carried an XL I tried the “chat” to confirm availability. Expecting a “bot” I was surprised that I was greeted by a very cheery Will Pearson himself.”

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  • Do I have to be seen on the call?

    No you are completely in control of your camera so if you would prefer to just talk that is fine, you will still be able to see us and all of our bikes.

  • What personal data will I need to share?

    We won’t ask for any personal data, we can both add items to your shopping basket but only you can checkout

  • I can’t find the connection button?

    It should appear in the bottom right hand side of the browser. If it doesn’t appear, refresh the browser and if that doesn’t work try clicking this link. Unfortunately some browsers are not compatible. If that’s the case just call 0208 642 2095

  • Can I just schedule a call now?

    Yes, you can book a time using our scheduler Click here, where you can pick a time that is convenient to you. You will be sent a calendar invite with a link to the Pearson connect video call. You can reschedule at any time.  

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