Inside out 2023: Summer edition ROAD

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Inside out 2023: Summer edition ROAD
Inside out 2023: Summer edition ROAD
The Pearson Inside Out Gravel Series consists of four organised gravel rides in south-west London, one for each season from April through to November. The object of the Pearson Inside Out Gravel Series is to introduce and enjoy the outstanding gravel riding that exists in and around London! We also aim to highlight the benefits of cycling to our mental wellbeing. Riding on gravel helps to immerse riders amongst natural environments, into cleaner air and on to quieter byways, providing great headspace and a wealth of comradery between fellow riders. Book your spot today, your entry fee goes towards our excellent charity Calm
  • Route is not waymarked, you will need a GPS/phone to navigate.
  • We will set riders off in waves starting at 8am.
  • Please be mindful of Park Run in Richmond Park.
  • Please respect other path users, use polite audible warnings (a bell!).
  • Please give way for horses at all times.
  • Date: 24th June
  • Venue: Pearson. 232 Upper Richmond Road, London, SW14 8AG.
  • Start time between 8am and 9am.
  • Price: £20 per ticket per person
  • All proceeds donated to Calm

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