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I've Started So I'll Finish is a cyclocross bike with racing at its core. Designed to tackle the harshest conditions, it’s also perfect for everyday gravel-grinding.
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Product Details

Magnus Magnusson, host of TV quiz Mastermind, was not British but Icelandic. So ubiquitous was his catchphrase, however, he was taken to British hearts. The line, befitting a dogged adventurer, is well met in Pearson’s I've Started So I'll Finish: a cyclocross bike with racing at its core. The unidirectional carbon frame offers unrivalled stiffness and comfort, while race-focused geometry ensures predictable, nimble handling. The ample clearance around both fork and rear triangle help cut through the harshest conditions, while a full-carbon fork completes the frameset.

The lightweight specification, clearances and handling also make this a machine for the adventurous gravel rider. This frameset only deal is a great platform for your next cyclocross custom build. Speak to Wilf in the workshop to get the inside scoop and how he loves his racing Pearson. 

Key Features
  • Lightweight carbon frame
  • Lightweight carbon fork
  • Nimble, racing-focused geometry
  • 9.1kg or 20lbs


Quick Thoughts…

“The I’ve Started so I’ll Finish was built to withstand the trials of dirt riding, whilst maintaining a certain lightweight dignity. The broad section tube sets combined with robust oval chain stays are designed to dispense that extra kick, so often needed when mid cyclocross (or if you are late home).

Raced and played on in equal measure, the feedback we receive is a general falling in love with this bike. I have one, we share emotional ups and downs, a healthy relationship all round.”

Guy Pearson.

Technical Details

Frameset: Unidirectional carbon monocoque

Fork: Unidirectional full carbon monocoque

Race Ready

Size Guide

Need some help? Contact customer care for further assistance.

Size Guide

Need some help? Contact customer care for further assistance.