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Pearson Ultimate Bike Fitting is our process-driven system whereby any rider can be assessed to find their optimum position for comfort and efficiency. This Black Friday deal is not to be missed.
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Product Details

Pearson Precision Bike Fitting defines your optimum cycling position, ensuring maximum comfort, efficiency, and speed. Through total body geometry assessment and analysis, our fit technicians work to fine-tune your position for maximum comfort, efficiency and peak power output. The session takes place over a three hour period and acts as a perfect precursor to either buying a new bike or improving the fit of your existing machine. If you would like to find out more about a specific aspect of precision bike fit, please take a look at the dedicated section of our website. All fittings must be booked before the end of January 2020 to be redeemable. Limited spaces available so be sure to book in advance.
Key Features
  • Consultation –
    • Why do you want this bike fit?
    • What are your goals?
    • What style of riding do you do?
  • Body assessment
    • Postural analysis
    • Flexibility
    • Range of motion
  • Physical assessment and measurement
  • Set up from assessment on your bike
    • Begin with foot stability, cleat position and comfort.
  • Fine tunning for your final position

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