Whatever your riding goals, we’re with you for the miles ahead. As the world’s oldest bike company, founded in 1860 by our pioneering great-grandfather Tom Pearson, we were miles ahead even back then. (We must have done something right to still be in business, 162 years later.) The exceptional products we make today, and will continue to make in the future, are backed by our historic expertise.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to take up cycling; whether that’s an upgrade for a seasoned rider, or a new bike for an enthusiastic convert. Fundamental to this philosophy is encouraging people to ride together, because we know that riding as part of a group is good for you.


Stylish apparel offering uncompromising performance, at Pearson we believe that even well-established cycling brands should be forward-thinking in the clothing and kit they create. It’s what keeps us miles ahead of the competition. We are committed to making the Pearson range as sustainable as possible.

That’s why, together with our equally responsible partners and suppliers, we create products for a long life, manufacture them from recycled materials, and ensure they require as few resources to maintain as possible.   


For more than a century and a half, our customers have joined generations of Pearsons to help them cover the miles ahead; and they’ll be able to rely on us for years to come. From our seasonal Inside Out series to charity rides such as the Duchenne Dash; or one of our new events, such as the Pearson Steeplechase.

We also host special evening events at the Pearson store, and Pearson’s 1860 Hub provides a continually updated schedule of inspiring rides; from the best ways to spice up your commute, to new routes into the countryside. 




The racing was hard - with the tone being set by an inexperienced pace car driver who had the "neutral start" up to about 40kmh! That split the fie...

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