A precision fitting provides vital information when purchasing a new bike, but can be equally important in improving the set-up of your existing machine. It is also the pinnacle of our day to day activity, keeping our customers’ needs close and our knowledge cutting edge as bike technology advances.


In our continuous survey to date, customer feedback told us 99.9% would recommend our bike fitting.


A Pearson Ultimate Bike Fitting appointment takes up to three hours. It is a very personal and considered appraisal of an individual’s cycling physiology, technique, and alignment at our Sheen store.


Your technician will ask detailed questions about your riding history; how long, how far and at what level you have cycled in the


Establishing your targets and goals is important. It affects the extent to which your technician will, for example, prioritise performance over comfort. You will most likely use a different position for commuting than you will for a 100-mile sportive; just as your position for an Ironman triathlon will differ from that used in a Sprint event. Your position should be the one right for every occasion.

Pearson cycles precision bike fitting


By studying your bike position, set-up and history, we can help identify the underlying causes of any cycling pain. This will also help reduce the likelihood of future injury.


Bikes are generally symmetrical, just as the points of contact with the bike are fixed. Any asymmetry in the body will cause a rider to be unbalanced, as the body adapts to the bike’s symmetrical nature. This, in turn, can lead to reduced power output or discomfort. A Pearson precision bike fitting will take account of this asymmetry and adjust the bike set-up accordingly.



Using a combination of video and ‘spin-scan’ analysis from our fitting jig chainset, we can build a picture of which muscles are utilised in different sectors of the pedal-stroke to improve efficiency.

Pearson cycles precision bike fitting spin scan


The strength of your core will affect your ability to maintain a good cycling posture. It also has implications for power transmission and the stability of the pelvis. A strong core will protect the lower back from pain and injury.

Pearson cycles precision bike fitting core conditioning


The extent of movement, particularly around the hip/pelvis area and in the hamstrings will affect the fluidity of the pedalling motion, as well as posture and ‘muscle-recruitment’ patterns. All of these can affect comfort and efficiency.

Cleat position


The most important ‘interface’ for power and comfort are a rider’s legs. The pelvis-saddle contact closes a ‘kinetic chain’ at one end, with the shoe-pedal contact closing the other. Your technician will devote a part of the session to aligning and balancing your foot/cleat position. An optional custom footbed may be recommended for greater comfort, stability and power transfer.

Pearson cycles precision bike fitting cleat positioning


Anyone who plans to ride a bike for a period of time should have their position assessed. Regardless of experience or ability, all cyclists can improve their riding biomechanics by having a thorough analysis.

Most cyclists buy a bike without any assessment. Many riders have visited us subsequently with pain in their neck, back or knees. If you are considering purchasing a new bike and want to ensure it will fit perfectly, we recommend a bike fitting before you make your final choice.

We believe that fit is the pinnacle of our customer journey, from this point all else follows, from adjusting or renewing existing components and bike set up, to choice of new machine, to the way you ride your bike, it is the measure of you.

Our responsibility is to ensure that you will feel improvement following a one to one session, it’s all about you. 99.9% of our customers surveyed would recommend a fitting to a friend.

Pearson cycles precision bike fitting for women


In an ideal world, this section wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately, the approach by many manufacturers to women’s bikes and frames is a misconceived ‘shrink and pink’ attitude; they simply offer men’s frames in smaller sizes and adjust the paint-job.

This approach is as patronising as it is inappropriate. For example, some manufacturers use steeper seat angles on their women’s frames. In fact, they should be doing the opposite. Generally, women have longer femurs than men, in relation to torso length. As a result, they need a shallower seat-angle to improve the connection between the bottom bracket and pedal axles.

A bike-fitting session with Pearson is the same, regardless of how many ribs you have. Thankfully, things are changing elsewhere, too. As more women take up cycling and triathlons, they are less inclined to compromise on comfort and performance.

Pearson cycles precision bike fitting Womens cycling

Many of the latest women’s bikes and products, such as saddles and handlebars, offer genuine ergonomic advantages. At Pearson, we take time and care to select the most appropriate components for the individual rider. No shrink, no pink.


Book a fitting service online now and start your journey towards riding with more comfort and efficiency.

Pearson 'Ultimate' Bike Fit

Price: £275

      • Consultation ✓
      • Physical examination ✓
      • Foot stabilisation & cleat positioning ✓
      • Correct saddle size and shape ✓
      • Motion capture video analysis  
      • Spin scan pedal stroke analysis ✓
      • Optimal riding position, aerodynamic & performance gain ✓
      • Off the bike strength and mobility guide ✓
      • Race / Sportive preparation with nutritional guidance ✓
      • Post Fit bike setup (1 Bike) ✓
      • 6 week follow up ✓
      • Full Pearson Bike Fit report ✓
      • Option to add ride experience with bike fitter with field analysis on bike – 1 hour £75 ✓


Pearson 'On Your Bike' Fit

Price: £200

      • Consultation ✓
      • Physical examination ✓
      • Foot stabilisation & cleat positioning ✓
      • Correct saddle size and shape 
      • Slow motion video analysis  ✓
      • Improved riding position, aerodynamic & performance
      • Off bike strength and mobility plan ✓
      • Race / Sportive preparation with nutritional guidance ✓
      • Post Fit bike setup (1 Bike) ✓


Pearson Pre-Purchase 'Bike Sizing'

Price: £75 

        • Thinking of buying a new bike?
        • Ideal bike sizing session ✓
        • One to one consultation ✓
        • Shoe selection & cleat positioning ✓
        • Correct saddle size and shape ✓
        • Bike selection report (ideal bike choice with accurate component sizing) ✓

The cost of the 'Bike Sizing' is then refunded if the bike is bought from us.

(Please note this is not a session to fit your current bike, choose an ‘On Your Bike’ Fit, for performance and comfort enhancement, choose our ‘Ultimate’ Bike Fit).


Pearson 'Hourly' Rate

Price: £100

Hourly follow up session from our ‘Ultimate Bike Fitting’ ✓

Hourly follow up session from our ‘On Your Bike Fitting’ ✓

To book please contact us bikefit@pearson1860.com



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