Push Comes To ShoveAdventure Cargo Bib Shorts

Push Comes To ShoveAdventure Cargo Bib Shorts

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Versatile, adventure cycling shorts for arduous riding. Equally at home on a weekend spin, the extra coverage means you can wear them off the bike without feeling conspicuous.

Push Comes To ShoveAdventure Cargo Bib Shorts

The expression ‘push comes to shove’ has numerous origins but its meaning is invariably the same – the arrival of crunch-time. These hybrid cycling shorts are designed to cope with whatever your ride throws at you, combining the snug fit of road bibs with looser draped material, to preserve your modesty without the bagginess of over shorts. To meet Pearsons high sustainability standards, the main fabric is made from 100% recycled Lycra.

Adventure Cargo Bib Shorts - Push Comes To Shove - Pearson 1860

The fabric also features a recycled outer, made from a high-stretch polyester tough enough for gravel-grinding. For maximum adventuring, the legs feature cargo pockets for extra supplies. The bib section is made from recycled Elastane, for comfort and stretch, while the left leg features a Pearson logo. The right leg bears the Pearson Rose, your hallmark of quality. 

The shorts are built around an exclusive PhD road cycling pad, created from data gathered during a decade of Pearson bike fittings. For all-day riding conditions, the insert is highly breathable, offering premium padded comfort and support. When push comes to shove, these cycling shorts won’t be found wanting.

  • Main fabric: 86% recycled polyamide; 14 Lycra
  • Outer 78% recycled nylon; 22% recycled Elastane
  • Merrow ACTIVESEAM® technology.
  • Pearson 'PhD' all-day fully breathable padded insert.
Adventure Cargo Bib Shorts - Push Comes To Shove - Pearson 1860
  • 100% recycled materials for excellent environmental credentials.
  • High stretch outer fabric to protect lycra below from thorns and tears.
  • Modesty coverage - the outer layer covers contours in the lycra for public appearances!
  • Cargo side pockets - elasticated for secure and easy access for phone and food.
  • Pearson logo in black on black.
  • Pearson Rose embroidered badge - the hallmark of quality.
Adventure Cargo Bib Shorts - Push Comes To Shove - Pearson 1860

Pearson bib shorts are close fitting and designed to fit comfortably over a base layer.


Waist size

  • S – 30″ (76cm)
  • M – 32″ (81cm)
  • L – 34″ (86cm)
  • XL – 36″ (91cm)
  • XXL – 38″ (96cm)

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